Air-Cooling: Meaning and Pronunciation

Air-cooling, వాయు శీతాకరణం (vāyu śītākaraṇaṁ), is a process that removes heat from a space using ambient air. It is commonly used to cool buildings, electronic devices, and vehicles. The term “air-cooling” is pronounced as *air-kool-ing*.

Synonyms of Air-Cooling

Some synonyms of air-cooling include:

  • Evaporative cooling (వాష్పీకరణ శీతాకరణం, vāṣpīkaraṇa śītākaraṇaṁ)
  • Passive cooling (నిష్క్రియ శీతాకరణం, niṣkriya śītākaraṇaṁ)
  • Natural cooling (సహజ శీతాకరణం, sahaja śītākaraṇaṁ)

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to air-cooling:

  • Air conditioner (Noun) – వాయు శీతాకరణ యంత్రం (vāyu śītākaraṇa yantraṁ). Example: The air conditioner keeps the room cool.
  • Cooling tower (Noun) – శీతాకరణ గోపురం (śītākaraṇa gōpuraṁ). Example: The cooling tower cools down the water used in the industrial process.
  • Ventilation (Noun) – వాయువ్యాప్తి (vāyuvyāpti). Example: Proper ventilation is essential for air circulation.


The antonym of air-cooling is air-heating. In Telugu, it is వాయు వేడించడం (vāyu vēḍiñcaḍaṁ).

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