Agora: Meaning and Pronunciation

Agora is a Greek word that refers to a public open space used for assemblies and markets. In Telugu, it can be translated as ఆగోర (āgōra), ప్రజాసభ (prajāsabha), మార్కెట్ ప్లేస్ (mārkĕt plēs).

Pronunciation: uh-gawr-uh

Synonyms of Agora

Some synonyms of agora include marketplace, forum, public square, and bazaar.

Nearby Words

1. Assembly (noun) – సభ (sabha) – The assembly gathered to discuss important matters.

2. Market (noun) – మార్కెట్ (mārkĕt) – The market was bustling with activity.

3. Square (noun) – చౌక (chauka) – People gathered in the square to protest.

4. Forum (noun) – ఫోరం (phōraṁ) – The forum provided a platform for open discussions.


The antonym of agora in Telugu is నిర్మలం (nirmalaṁ), which means “clean” or “pure”.

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