Agonizingly: Meaning and Pronunciation

Agonizingly is an adverb that describes something that causes extreme physical or mental pain or distress. In Telugu, it can be translated as పీడాకరమైనందు (pīḍākaramainandu), పీడాకరంగా (pīḍākaraṅgā), పీడాకరంగా (pīḍākaraṅgā).

Pronunciation: uh-guh-nahy-zing-lee

Synonyms of Agonizingly

1. Painfully
2. Torturously
3. Excruciatingly
4. Distressingly
5. Harrowingly

Nearby Words

1. Agonizing (adjective) – పీడాకరంగా (pīḍākaraṅgā), పీడాకరమైన (pīḍākaramaina)
Example: The agonizing wait for the test results made her anxious.

2. Agonized (adjective) – పీడించిన (pīḍin̄cina), పీడించిన (pīḍin̄cina)
Example: He looked agonized as he held his injured arm.

3. Agony (noun) – పీడ (pīḍa), పీడ (pīḍa)
Example: The athlete fell to the ground in agony after twisting his ankle.


Ad (విరుద్ధం): Pleasurably (ఆనందపరంగా), Enjoyably (ఆనందపరంగా)

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