Agitation: Meaning and Pronunciation

Agitation is a noun that refers to a state of excitement, restlessness, or disturbance. It can also mean the act of stirring up public concern or protest about an issue. In Telugu, agitation is translated as ఉత్తేజన (uttejana), క్రాంతి (kranti), ఆందోళన (andolana), ప్రచండత (prachandata), and అలింగనం (alinganam).

Pronunciation: uh-jey-shuhn

Synonyms of Agitation

Some synonyms of agitation include unrest, turmoil, disturbance, commotion, upheaval, ferment, frenzy, and tumult.

Nearby Words

1. Protest (Noun) – ప్రత్యేక అభిప్రాయం, విరోధం
Example: The students organized a protest against the new education policy.

2. Unrest (Noun) – అశాంతి, అస్థిరత
Example: The political unrest in the country led to widespread chaos.

3. Uproar (Noun) – గర్జన, గడ్డిపోటు
Example: The announcement of the election results caused an uproar among the citizens.

4. Tension (Noun) – తాణం, కట్టుబడి
Example: The tension between the two rival groups escalated into a violent clash.


The antonym of agitation in Telugu is శాంతి (shaanti).

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