Agglutination: Meaning and Pronunciation

Agglutination is a linguistic term that refers to the process of adding affixes to a base word to create new words or modify the meaning of existing words. In Telugu, agglutination is commonly used to form complex words by combining multiple morphemes. Here are some meanings of agglutination in Telugu: కట్టుబంధన (kattubandhana), కట్టుబంధం (kattubandham), కట్టుబంధించు (kattubandhinchu).

Pronunciation: uh-gloo-tuh-ney-shuhn

Synonyms of Agglutination

Some synonyms of agglutination include concatenation, compounding, and affixation.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to agglutination:

  • Noun: సంయోజన (sanyojana) – meaning “combination”
  • Noun: సంయోజకం (sanyojakam) – meaning “connector”
  • Noun: సంయోజ్యం (sanyojyam) – meaning “conjunction”
  • Noun: సంయోజనాత్మకం (sanyojanatmakam) – meaning “agglutinative”

Example sentences:

  1. ఈ భాషలో సంయోజన పద్ధతి ఉపయోగించబడుతుంది. (Ee bhashalō sanyojana paddhati upayōgimchabadutundhi) – Agglutination method is used in this language.
  2. ఈ పదాలు సంయోజన ద్వారా రచించబడుతాయి. (Ee padālu sanyojana dvārā rachinchabaduthāyi) – These words are formed by agglutination.


The antonym of agglutination in Telugu is విభజన (vibhajana).

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