Anaesthetics Meaning in Telugu

Anaesthetics, also known as శూన్యతానుభూతికాలు (shunyatānubhūtikālu) in Telugu, refer to substances that are used to induce anesthesia, a state of temporary loss of sensation or awareness. They are commonly used during medical procedures to numb pain and provide comfort to patients.

Pronunciation of Anaesthetics

The pronunciation of anaesthetics in Telugu is [ænɪsˈθɛtɪks].

Nearby Words

  • Noun: శూన్యత (shunyata) – emptiness, అనుభూతి (anubhuti) – experience
  • Adjective: నిద్రలేని (nidralēni) – unconscious, నిద్రపడని (nidrapaḍani) – sleep-inducing
  • Verb: నిద్రపోవు (nidrapōvu) – to fall asleep, అనుభవించు (anubhaviñcu) – to experience

Example sentences:

  1. ఆకలితో శూన్యత సాధించబడిన వ్యక్తికి చికిత్స అవసరం లేదు. (There is no need for treatment for a person who has achieved emptiness through meditation.)
  2. ఆ వ్యక్తి నిద్రలేని స్థితిలో ఉంటాడు. (That person is in an unconscious state.)
  3. నాకు ఆ అనుభూతి అయింది. (I experienced that feeling.)

Anaesthetics Synonyms

  • శూన్యతానుభూతికాలు (shunyatānubhūtikālu)
  • శూన్యతానుభవకాలు (shunyatānubhavakālu)
  • శూన్యతానుభవించుకోవడం (shunyatānubhaviñcukōvaḍaṁ)


The antonym of anaesthetics in Telugu is స్పష్టత (spashtata), meaning clarity or consciousness.

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