Amuse Meaning in Telugu

Amuse is a verb that means to entertain or provide enjoyment to someone. It can also mean to cause someone to find something funny or amusing.

Pronunciation of Amuse

Amuse is pronounced as “uh-myooz” in Telugu.

Nearby Words

  • Noun: Amusement (ఆటలు) – The activity of providing enjoyment or entertainment.
  • Adjective: Amusing (ఆటకమైన) – Causing laughter or providing entertainment.
  • Verb: Amused (ఆటలు చేసుకోవడం) – Past tense of amuse, meaning to have entertained or found something funny.

Example sentences:

  1. I went to the comedy show to amuse myself.
  2. The clown’s funny antics amused the children.
  3. She was amused by the clever joke.

Amuse Synonyms

  • Entertain (ఆటింపజేయు)
  • Delight (ఆనందించు)
  • Tickle (నగుచుకోవడం)
  • Divert (మార్గం మార్చు)

Amuse Antonyms

The antonym of amuse in Telugu is ఆకళ్లు తీసుకోవడం, which means to bore or make someone uninterested.

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