Allover: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms

Meaning: Allover is an adjective that refers to something that covers or affects the entire surface or extent of something.

Pronunciation: Allover (pronounced as uh-loh-ver)

Synonyms: Throughout, everywhere, all over, overall, all-around, pervasive.

Nearby Words

1. Allot (verb): కొట్టుకోవడం (kottukōvaḍaṁ) – To give or apportion something to someone.

Example Sentence: The teacher will allot marks to the students based on their performance.

2. Allow (verb): అనుమతించు (anumatiñcu) – To give permission or consent for something.

Example Sentence: The manager will allow the employees to take a break.

3. Allude (verb): సూచించు (sūciñcu) – To suggest or indirectly refer to something.

Example Sentence: The speaker alluded to a famous quote during his speech.


Ad (noun): విజ్ఞాపనం (vijñāpanaṁ) – A form of advertisement or promotion.

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