All-Around: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms

Meaning: All-Around is an adjective that refers to something or someone that is versatile, capable, or skilled in many different areas or aspects.

Pronunciation: All-Around (ఆల్-అరౌండ్) [ahl-uh-round]

Synonyms: Versatile, well-rounded, multi-talented, competent, proficient, skilled, adaptable.

Nearby Words

1. All (noun) – అన్ని (anni) – Every one of a group or number.

Example: All the students attended the lecture.

2. Around (adverb) – చుట్టూ (chuttu) – In a circle or in circumference.

Example: The children ran around the playground.

3. Allay (verb) – శాంతించు (shanthinchu) – To calm or relieve.

Example: The medicine helped to allay her pain.

4. Allot (verb) – కొంతమందికి పంచు (konthamandiki panchu) – To distribute or assign.

Example: The teacher will allot the seats for the students.


Ad (noun) – జాబితా (jaabitha) – An advertisement.

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