The air-bladder, also known as the swim bladder, is an organ found in many fish species that helps them control their buoyancy. In Telugu language, the air-bladder is referred to as ఆకాశపు కాండము (ākāśapu kāṇḍamu).


The pronunciation of air-bladder in Telugu is ākāśapu kāṇḍamu.


Some synonyms for air-bladder include swim bladder, gas bladder, and pneumatic sac.

Nearby Words

  • Bladder: మూత్రపిండం (mūtrapinḍaṁ) – a membranous sac in humans and animals that stores urine.
  • Buoyancy: తేలిక (tēlika) – the ability of an object to float in a fluid.
  • Fish: చేప (cēpa) – aquatic vertebrates with gills and fins.
  • Organ: అంగం (aṅgaṁ) – a part of an organism that performs a specific function.

Example sentence: చేపలో ఆకాశపు కాండము ఉంటుంది, అది తేలికను నియంత్రించేందుకు ఉపయోగపడుతుంది (cēpalo ākāśapu kāṇḍamu uṁtuṇḍi, adi tēlikaṇu niyantrincheṁduku upayōgapadutundi) – Fish have an air-bladder that helps them control buoyancy.


The antonym for air-bladder in Telugu is మూత్రపిండం (mūtrapinḍaṁ), meaning bladder.

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