Ahoy: Meaning and Pronunciation

Ahoy is an English interjection used to hail or call out to someone, typically on a ship or boat. In Telugu, it can be translated as అహోయ్ (ahōy). The pronunciation of ahoy is (uh-hoi).

Synonyms of Ahoy

1. Hello

2. Hey

3. Hi

4. Greetings

5. Yo

Nearby Words

1. Ahoy matey! (Interjection) – అహోయ్ మేటీ!

Meaning: A friendly greeting or call to a friend or companion.

2. Ahoy there! (Interjection) – అహోయ్ తల్లిని!

Meaning: A loud call to get someone’s attention or to greet them.

3. Ahoy-hoy (Noun) – అహోయ్-హోయ్

Meaning: A playful or humorous way of saying hello or hailing someone.


The antonym of ahoy in Telugu is అహోయ్ కాదు (ahōy kādu), meaning “not ahoy” or “no ahoy”.


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