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Ah Me! Meaning in Telugu

Ah Me! is an expression used to convey sorrow, grief, or disappointment. In Telugu, it can be translated as:

అయ్యో నాకు (ayyo nāku), అయ్యో నాకు ఏమి జరిగింది (ayyo nāku ēmi jarigindi), అయ్యో నాకు ఏమి జరిగింది రా (ayyo nāku ēmi jarigindi rā).

Pronunciation of Ah Me!

Ah Me! is pronounced as “ah mee” in Telugu.

Ah Me! Synonyms

Some synonyms of Ah Me! include:

అయ్యో (ayyo), అయ్యో నాకు ఏమి జరిగింది (ayyo nāku ēmi jarigindi), అయ్యో రా (ayyo rā).

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

1. Ahoy (interjection): అహోయ్ (ahōy) – used to hail or call attention.

2. Aid (noun): సహాయం (sahāyam) – assistance or support.

3. Ail (verb): అస్వస్థము చేయు (asvasthamu cēyu) – to cause physical or mental discomfort.

4. Aim (noun): లక్ష్యం (lakṣyaṁ) – a goal or purpose.

5. Air (noun): గాలి (gāli) – the invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth.


The antonym of Ah Me! in Telugu is:

ఆనందం (ānandam) – happiness or joy.

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