Aggressive: Meaning and Pronunciation

Aggressive is an English word that is commonly used to describe someone or something that displays a forceful or assertive behavior. It can also refer to actions or attitudes that are hostile or confrontational.

Pronunciation: uh-gres-iv (అగ్రెసివ్)

Synonyms of Aggressive

1. Assertive (ఆక్రమణాత్మకమైన)
2. Combative (పోరాటాత్మకమైన)
3. Hostile (శత్రువుగా)
4. Violent (హింసాత్మకమైన)
5. Intense (తీవ్రమైన)

Nearby Words

1. Aggression (Noun) – ఆక్రమణ (ākramana)
– Example: His aggression towards his colleagues made it difficult to work with him.

2. Aggressively (Adverb) – ఆక్రమణాత్మకంగా (ākramanātmakaṁgā)
– Example: The dog barked aggressively at the stranger.

3. Aggressor (Noun) – ఆక్రమణకర్త (ākramanakarta)
– Example: The police arrested the aggressor who started the fight.

4. Aggressiveness (Noun) – ఆక్రమణాత్మకత (ākramanātmakata)
– Example: His aggressiveness on the field made him a formidable opponent.


The antonym of aggressive in Telugu is సహనశీలమైన (sahanashīlamaina), which means “tolerant” or “patient”.

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