Aggrandise: Meaning and Pronunciation

Aggrandise is a verb that means to increase the power, wealth, status, or reputation of someone or something. It is pronounced as /əˈɡrændʌɪz/.

Synonyms of Aggrandise

Some synonyms of aggrandise include elevate, enhance, glorify, magnify, promote, and uplift.

Nearby Words

1. Aggrandisement (Noun) – పెంచుకొనుట, పెంచుకొనుటకు ప్రయత్నించుట
Example: The politician’s aggrandisement of his achievements was met with skepticism.

2. Aggrandiser (Noun) – పెంచుకొనుటకు ప్రయత్నించుట వాడుకరి
Example: The company’s CEO was seen as an aggrandiser, always seeking to boost his own image.

3. Aggrandising (Adjective) – పెంచుకొనుట సంబంధించిన
Example: The aggrandising speech by the president left the audience in awe.


The antonym of aggrandise in Telugu is తగ్గుకొనుట (taggukonuṭa), which means to diminish or reduce.

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