Aerobatics: Meaning and Pronunciation

Aerobatics, ఏరోబాటిక్స్, is a term used to describe the art of performing precise and intricate maneuvers in an aircraft. It involves a combination of skill, control, and creativity to execute various aerial stunts and displays.

Pronunciation: air-uh-bat-iks

Synonyms of Aerobatics

1. Aerial acrobatics
2. Stunt flying
3. Airmanship
4. Sky dancing
5. Air show

Nearby Words

1. Aircraft (Noun) – విమానం – A vehicle that can fly, such as an airplane or helicopter.
Example: The aircraft soared through the sky, performing breathtaking aerobatics.

2. Maneuver (Noun) – మార్గనిర్దేశన – A planned movement or series of movements.
Example: The pilot executed a flawless maneuver during the aerobatics display.

3. Precision (Noun) – ఖచ్చితత – The quality of being accurate and exact.
Example: The aerobatic team showcased their precision by flying in perfect formation.

4. Thrill (Noun) – ఆనందం – A feeling of excitement or exhilaration.
Example: Spectators watched in awe as the aerobatics performance filled them with thrill.


Ad (అడ్) – Meaning “down” or “below” in Telugu.

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