Advances: Meaning and Pronunciation

Advances is a noun that refers to progress or improvements made in a particular field or area. In Telugu, it can be translated as ముందుకున్నట్లు (mundukunnatlu).

Pronunciation: uhd-vans-iz

Synonyms of Advances

Some synonyms of advances include:

  • Progress
  • Development
  • Breakthrough
  • Innovation
  • Improvement

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to advances:

  • Advanced (adjective) – ముందుకున్న (mundukunna)
  • Advancement (noun) – ముందుకున్నట్లు (mundukunnatlu)
  • Advancing (verb) – ముందుకున్నట్లు (mundukunnatlu)
  • Advantage (noun) – ప్రయోజనం (prayojanam)
  • Advent (noun) – ఆగమనం (agamanam)

Example sentences:

  1. The advances in technology have revolutionized the way we communicate.
  2. She made significant advances in her research on cancer treatment.
  3. His advances towards her were unwelcome and inappropriate.


The antonym of advances is retreat. In Telugu, retreat can be translated as విస్తరణ (vistarana).

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