Admissions: Meaning and Pronunciation

In Telugu, the word “admissions” can be translated as దాఖలాలు (dākhalālu). Pronunciation: /ədˈmɪʃənz/ (uhd-MISH-uhnz).

Synonyms for Admissions

1. Enrollment: నమోదు (namōdu)

2. Registration: నమోదు (namōdu)

3. Acceptance: అంగీకారం (angīkāraṁ)

4. Entry: ప్రవేశం (pravēśaṁ)

Nearby Words

1. Admit (verb): అంగీకరించు (angīkarinchu) – She will admit her mistake.

2. Admittance (noun): ప్రవేశం (pravēśaṁ) – The admittance to the concert is free.

3. Admissible (adjective): అంగీకరించగల (angīkarinchagala) – The evidence is admissible in court.

4. Admittedly (adverb): నిజంగా (nijangā) – Admittedly, it was a difficult decision to make.


The antonym for “admissions” in Telugu is నిరాకరణ (nirākaraṇa).

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