Admission: Meaning and Pronunciation

In Telugu, the word “admission” can be translated as ప్రవేశం (pravēśaṁ). Pronounced as /prəˈveɪʃ(ə)n/.

Synonyms of Admission

Some synonyms of admission include acceptance, entrance, enrollment, and inclusion.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to admission:

  • Noun: ప్రవేశం (pravēśaṁ) – The act of being admitted or allowed entry.
  • Noun: అంగీకారం (aṅgīkāraṁ) – The act of accepting or acknowledging something.
  • Noun: ప్రవేశపత్రం (pravēśapatraṁ) – A document or ticket that grants admission.
  • Noun: ప్రవేశప్రమాణం (pravēśapramāṇaṁ) – Evidence or proof of admission.

Example sentences:

  1. నా ప్రవేశం అంగీకరించబడింది. (Nā pravēśaṁ aṅgīkarinca baḍindi) – My admission has been accepted.
  2. ప్రవేశపత్రం తీసుకోండి. (Pravēśapatraṁ tīsukōṇḍi) – Take the admission ticket.
  3. నా ప్రవేశప్రమాణం కావాలి. (Nā pravēśapramāṇaṁ kāvāli) – I need proof of admission.


The antonym of admission in Telugu is నిషేధం (niṣēdhaṁ), which means “prohibition” or “denial”.

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