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Administratrix is a legal term used to refer to a female administrator of an estate or the personal representative of a deceased person. In Telugu, administratrix can be translated as నిర్వాహకిణి (nirvāhakiṇi).

Pronunciation of Administratrix


Administratrix Synonyms

Some synonyms of administratrix include executrix, female executor, and female administrator.

Nearby Words

  • Administration (Noun) – నిర్వహణ (nirvāhaṇa) – The act or process of managing or supervising something.
  • Administrator (Noun) – నిర్వాహకుడు (nirvāhakuḍu) – A person responsible for managing or supervising an organization or group.
  • Administrate (Verb) – నిర్వహించు (nirvahinchu) – To manage or supervise the operation of something.
  • Administrative (Adjective) – నిర్వాహక (nirvāhaka) – Relating to the management or supervision of an organization or group.


The antonym of administratrix in Telugu is అడ్మిన్ (admiṉ), which means “admin” or “administrator”.

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