Adiabatic: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adiabatic is an adjective that refers to a process or change that occurs without the transfer of heat or matter between a system and its surroundings. In Telugu, adiabatic can be translated as అధిబాటిక్ (adhibāṭik).

Pronunciation: (*uh-dahy-uh-bat-ik*)

Synonyms of Adiabatic

Some synonyms of adiabatic include:

  • Heatless
  • Non-conductive
  • Thermally isolated
  • Non-heat exchanging

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to adiabatic:

  • Noun: Adiabat (అధిబాట్): A curve representing the variations of pressure and temperature of a system undergoing an adiabatic process.
  • Adjective: Adiabatically (అధిబాటికంగా): In an adiabatic manner; without the transfer of heat or matter.
  • Verb: Adiabatize (అధిబాట్ చేయు): To subject to an adiabatic process or change.

Example sentences:

  1. The adiabatic cooling of the gas caused its temperature to decrease rapidly.
  2. During the adiabatic expansion, the system’s pressure dropped significantly.
  3. Adiabatically, the heat transfer between the two substances was prevented.


The antonym of adiabatic is అధిబాటికంగా కాదు (adhibāṭikamgā kādu), which means “not adiabatic” in Telugu.

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