Adequation: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adequation is a noun that refers to the act of making something adequate or suitable. It can also mean the state of being adequate or sufficient. In Telugu, adequation can be translated as సమర్థత (samarthata), పూర్తిగా చేయుట (poorthiga cheyutu), or సరిపోవుట (saripovutu).

Pronunciation: uh-dee-kwey-shuhn

Synonyms of Adequation

Some synonyms of adequation include:

  • Appropriation
  • Conformity
  • Equivalence
  • Fulfillment
  • Suitability

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to adequation:

  • Adaptation (noun) – అనుకూలత (anukoolata) – The act of adjusting or modifying something to suit a particular purpose.
  • Adequate (adjective) – సరిపోవుట (saripovutu) – Sufficient or suitable for a specific requirement.
  • Adjustment (noun) – సరిపోవుట (saripovutu) – The act of making small changes to something to improve its function or appearance.
  • Appropriate (adjective) – సరిపోవుట (saripovutu) – Suitable or fitting for a particular purpose or situation.

Example sentence: The adequation of the new software to our needs was impressive.


The antonym of adequation is inadequacy. In Telugu, inadequacy can be translated as అపరిపూర్ణత (aparipoornata).

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