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Tedious Meaning in Bengali

Tedious Meaning in Bengali – দুরূহ ও সময় সাপেক্ষ, ক্লান্তিকর, বিরক্তিকর;


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Tedious meaning in Bengali : দুরূহ ও সময় সাপেক্ষ, ক্লান্তিকর, বিরক্তিকর

Definition :

too long, slow, or dull; tiresome or monotonous.

Tedious Synonyms :

Boring, monotonous, dull, deadly dull,  uninteresting ,unexciting, unvaried ,unvarying ,lacking variety, mind-numbing, mindless, soul-destroying ,soulless, humdrum ,dreary ,ho-hum, mundane, wearisome ,wearying,tiresome, soporific, dry, as dry as dust, arid,lifeless, colourless, monochrome ,uninspired,

Antonyms :

Exciting, interesting

Tedious  in a Sentence :

  • Such lists are long and tedious to read.
  •  They reluct at long and tedious essays.
  • The work is tedious.
  • The tedious job simply ate me up.
  •  The work was tiring and tedious.
  •  The manager landed me with this tedious task.
  •  We had to listen to all the tedious details of his operation.
  •  The audience coughed down the tedious speaker.
  •  We are bored by the speaker’s tedious talk..
  • Her visits were starting to get a bit tedious.
  •  It is a tedious, humourless load of crap.
  •  The camaraderie among fellow employees made the tedious work just bearable.
  • The job is tedious, but the pay is good.
  •  The meeting was so long and tedious, he was ready to climb the wall.
  •  Filing papers at the office is a tedious job.