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Rigidity in a Sentence

Rigidity in a sentence & other usage. Rigidity – the quality of not being able to bend or be bent Noun. Rigidity in a Sentence Also like the Ram, the Sierra is comparatively lighter overall (up to 360 …

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Rigidity Synonym

Rigidity Synonym – the quality of not being able to bend or be bent Adjective Know Rigidity synonym in English & other usage. Rigidity Synonym : Hardness, Stringency, rigidness, strictness, sternness, rigor, rigorousness, harshness,inflexibility, severity. Antonym : mildness, gentleness, flexibility, laxness …

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Rigidity Antonym

Rigidity – the quality of not being able to bend or be bent . Adjective Know Rigidity Antonym in English & other usage. Rigidity Antonym mildness, gentleness, flexibility, laxness . Synonym for Rigidity : Hardness, strictness, sternness, rigor, Stringency, rigidness, rigorousness, harshness,inflexibility, …

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Rigidity Definition

Rigidity Definition : the quality of not being able to bend or be bentthe quality or characteristic of not permitting any change Noun. Know Rigidity definition & other usage. Rigidity Synonym : Stringency, inflexibility, rigidness, severity, hardness, harshness, rigor, rigorousness, exactingness, sternness, strictness Antonym : …

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Rigidity Meaning in Bengali

Rigidity Meaning in Bengali : অনমনীয়তা, কাঠিন্য, দৃটতা, কঠোরতা, কঠিনতা, কট্টর ভাব, অনড়তা . Noun. Know Rigidity in Bengali & other usage. Rigidity meaning in Bengali : কাঠিন্য, দৃটতা, কঠোরতা, কঠিনতা . Definition of Rigidity: the quality of …

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Rigidity meaning in Hindi

Rigidity Meaning in Hindi : कठोरता, दृढ़ता, कड़ाता . Noun. Know Rigidity in Hindi & other usage. Rigidity meaning in Hindi : कठोरता, दृढ़ता, कड़ाता . Definition of Rigidity: the quality or characteristic of not permitting any changethe quality of not being able to bend or be bent …

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