Structure  Meaning & Definition – গঠন, গড়ন অবয়ব


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Structure English Meaning : গঠন, গড়ন অবয়ব.  

Definition :

the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex…

Structure Synonyms :

Construction, form, formation, shape, composition, fabric, anatomy, make-up, constitution, organization, system, arrangement

Antonyms :

destruction, subversion, demolition, disorganization, analysis, decomposition, resolution,

Structure in a Sentence :

  • A small door in the stone structure opened.
  • He formalized the structure of medical inquiry as an independent science.
  • From what I’ve learned his entire brain structure is distorted.
  • The structure of proteins enables scientists to understand the function they perform.
  • As Dean neared the structure, a figure emerged from the building.
  • The structure was just under seventy feet long and about twelve feet high; said to be the height designed to accommodate a wagon fully loaded with hay.
  • A structure loomed darkly against the lighter horizon.
  • She occupied the largest suite in the structure, seven spacious rooms on the top floor..

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