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Stringency Meaning in Hindi

Stringency Meaning in Hindi is ‘अभाव ’

Definition in English: the quality or state of being stringent, severity, Severe pressure.

Stringency Meaning in other languages

German : Strenge

Maori : Mahinga

Spanish : Rigor

Russian : стеснение

Bangla : কটকিনা

Arabic : صرامة

French : Rigueur

Hindi : अभाव

Italian : Rigore


rigidness, rigor, rigorousness, inflexibility, exactingness, hardness, rigidity, severity, harshness, strictness, sternness


mildness, gentleness, flexibility, laxness,

Usage of Stringency

  1. In particular, the author considers the sensitivity requirement to be lacking in stringency.
  2. some people objected to the stringency of the new regulations regarding the alteration of building exteriors in the historic district.
  3. Over time, the NFL’s stringency about the anthem faded somewhat.
  4. In the face of conditions of financial stringency, much of value has been achieved in that short period.

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