Strained Meaning in Arabic

Strained meaning in Arabic –  تمزق, متكلف


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Strained meaning in Arabic

تمزق, متكلف

Definition in English

pull or push forcibly at something/ affected or produced by effort; not natural or spontaneous.

Strained Meaning in different languages

Arabic : توتر

Maori : Tuhinga

French : Tendue

Hindi : तनावपूर्ण

German : Angespannt

Spanish : Tenso

Tamil : வடிகட்டிய

Russian : Напряженные

Italian : strained


embarrassed, unrelaxed, artificial, uncomfortable, false, labored, stiff, tense, uneasy, uptight, far fetched, hard, put in a state nervous, choked, constrained, tight, awkward, unnatural, taut, wired wreck, unglued.


calm, relaxed, unforced, comfortable, loose, laid-back, slack easy, easy-going, genuine.

Strained in a sentence

  • I couldn’t stand the strained atmosphere at dinner any more.
  • On that same night, catcher Rodriguez strained his throwing shoulder.
  • There was a strained silence for a moment.
  • They strained the wire between two posts.
  • Peter strained his eyes until they ached.
  • If you’ve had a series of strained friendships, you may want to examine your character closely.
  • Then put in the strained blood and simmer it for another hour, at least.
  • They strained so hard, that one of them dropped its eye out.
  • City Hall’s indecision has strained fiscal commitments as well.
  • Jean felt uncomfortable but managed to force a strained smile.
  • Her engines were strained to the utmost.
  • Stir it a few minutes, and then add to it the strained gravy.
  • The heavy box strained the rope to a breaking point.
  • Her eyes were strained away from him.
  • They strained on the rope to pull the boat in.
  • Not surprisingly, their relations with politicians in Albany are strained.
  • Angelie’s family life has been strained since her announcement.
  • She had not strained it all, and the sea-weed was drying on the sieve.
  • Relations between the two countries have become strained (=difficult) recently.
  • Stress and distractions tend to be a recipe for strained relationships.
  • She looked rather strained and miserable.

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