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Strained Definition

Strained definition – pull or push forcibly at something .


Know Strained definition & other usage.

Strained Definition in English:

pull or push forcibly at something/ affected or produced by effort; not natural or spontaneous.

Strained Meaning in different languages

Arabic : توتر

Maori : Tuhinga

Tamil : வடிகட்டிய

Spanish : Tenso

Russian : Напряженные

Italian : strained

French : Tendue

German : Angespannt

Hindi : तनावपूर्ण


uncomfortable, embarrassed, wired wreck, far fetched, unrelaxed, uptight, unglued, unnatural, constrained, labored, stiff, tense, tight, awkward, false, choked, uneasy, artificial, hard, put in a state nervous, taut, .


calm, loose, unforced, slack easy, relaxed, comfortable, easy-going, laid-back, genuine.

Strained in a sentence :

  1. They strained the wire between two posts.
  2. Peter strained his eyes until they ached.
  3. She looked rather strained and miserable.
  4. They strained so hard, that one of them dropped its eye out.
  5. They strained on the rope to pull the boat in.
  6. If you’ve had a series of strained friendships, you may want to examine your character closely.
  7. City Hall’s indecision has strained fiscal commitments as well.
  8. Then put in the strained blood and simmer it for another hour, at least.
  9. I couldn’t stand the strained atmosphere at dinner any more.
  10. On that same night, catcher Rodriguez strained his throwing shoulder.
  11. Not surprisingly, their relations with politicians in Albany are strained.
  12. Stir it a few minutes, and then add to it the strained gravy.
  13. The heavy box strained the rope to a breaking point.
  14. Relations between the two countries have become strained (=difficult) recently.
  15. Her eyes were strained away from him.
  16. Angelie’s family life has been strained since her announcement.
  17. Her engines were strained to the utmost.
  18. She had not strained it all, and the sea-weed was drying on the sieve.
  19. Stress and distractions tend to be a recipe for strained relationships.
  20. There was a strained silence for a moment.
  21. Jean felt uncomfortable but managed to force a strained smile.

Strained Definition in Recognized Sources

Strained in Cambridge dictionary, Oxford Dictionary,  Wikipedia

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