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Strain in Spanish

Strain in Spanish : tensión


Definition Strain in Spanish

  1. una fuerza o influencia que estira, jala o ejerce presión sobre algo, a veces causando daño.
  2. una lesión en un músculo o una parte blanda similar del cuerpo causada por usar esa parte demasiado.

Usage of Strain

  1. Their constant arguments were putting a strain on their marriage.
  2. As you get older, excess weight puts a lot of strain on the heart.
  3. The hurricane put such a strain on the bridge that it collapsed.


Definition of Strain in Spanish as verb

  1. Lesionar por uso excesivo, mal uso o presión.
  2. pasar por un filtro
  3. causar ansiedad o problemas

Usage of Strain

  1. in order to lift something heavy, squat down and lift with your legs, or you’ll strain your back
  2. I strained a muscle in my back playing squash.
  3. the whole department is straining to complete the project before the deadline
  4. better strain that coffee thoroughly to get all the grounds out

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