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Rigidity। Definition & Meaning

Rigidity Definition:

  1. the quality of not being able to bend or be bent
  2. the quality or characteristic of not permitting any change



Stringency, inflexibility, rigidness, severity, hardness, harshness, rigor, rigorousness, exactingness, sternness, strictness


flexibility, mildness, gentleness, laxness

Rigidity Meaning in different languages:

German : Steifigkeit

Maori : haurangi

Russian : жесткость

Bangla : কাঠিন্য

Hindi : कठोरता

Arabic : الاستعلاء

Spanish : rigidez

French : rigidité

Italian : rigidità

Usage of Stringency

  1. Also like the Ram, the Sierra is comparatively lighter overall (up to 360 pounds) with greater torsional rigidity.
  2. We will make sure that federal law operates with high standards and common sense, not just bureaucratic rigidity.
  3. sometimes the rigidity of the headmaster’s discipline was deemed excessive by even much of the faculty.

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