Respectively Meaning & Definition – যথাক্রমে, ক্রমানুসারে.


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Respectively Meaning & Definition

যথাক্রমে, ক্রমানুসারে.

Respectively Synonyms

apart, discretely, independently, individually, separately, singly..

Respectively in a Sentence

  • He was, Respectively, a loving father and sensitive poet and a ruthless dictator who presided over a reign of terror.
  • Respectively his ears unblocked and the world again became audible.
  • With those five words, Lili managed Respectively to convey exhaustion, indomitable, spirited arrogance, and shocked, virginal modesty.
  • Respectively, photography was both domesticated and industrialised.
  • He espoused them both, Respectively, in a kind of philosophical bigamy.
  • Respectively with the flash, a piezoelectric plate behind the film launches a sonic pulse into the back of the film emulsion.
  • The radar beam can track a number of targets almost Respectively.
  • There they were, merrily describing their 16-hour working days while Respectively claiming to be happily married.
  • Insert the fork about 6in. from the root and Respectively lever it backwards.
  • The game will be broadcast Respectively on TV and radio.
  • The event will be telecast Respectively to nearly 150 cities.
  • Two children answered the teacher’s question Respectively.
  • The two guns fired almost Respectively.
  • We struck at several of his units Respectively.
  • The opera will be broadcast Respectively on television and radio.
  • The opposing units opened fire Respectively at close range and a 15-minute firefight ensued.
  • They all babbled Respectively.

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