Refurbishment meaning in Malayalam

Refurbishment Meaning in Malayalam : പുതുക്കൽ .


Know  Refurbishment in Malayalam & other usage.

Refurbishment meaning in Malayalam :

പുതുക്കൽ .

Definition of Refurbishment :

the renovation and redecoration of something, especially a building.

Refurbishment Synonym :

rebuild, reconstruct, renovate, rehabilitate, renew, develop, redevelop, revamp, restore, recondition, make over, overhaul, remodel

Antonym :

devolve, natural, drop off, decline, object, slip.

Refurbishment Meaning in other languages:

  • Russian : ремонт
  • Hindi : नवीनीकरण
  • German : Sanierung
  • Spanish : remodelación
  • French : remise à neuf
  • Italian : ristrutturazione
  • Arabic : تجديد
  • Maori : whakahoutanga

Refurbishment in a Sentence

  • A major refurbishment of the Science Area took place during the summer vacation.
  • Following extensive refurbishment the houses were sold on the open market.
  • The main engines and fuel pumps are removed and sent for refurbishment.
  • They will then refurbish the computers, if necessary, before passing them on to deserving causes.
  • Other queries involve a spot of detective work, such as trying to identify a particular type of fiber board needed for refurbishment work.
  • Station refurbishment seems a mere insult when the trains don’t run on time.
  • The Grand Hotel has just reopened after the latest phase of a 1m refurbishment scheme.
  • When Robert Menzies’wife Pattie Menzies supervised a major refurbishment.
  • Replacement of the electrical wiring and heating systems, and refurbishment of the lift, were completed on time.
  • Sadly, due to refurbishment and a desire to create more shopping space, the kennels have been closed.
  • The new offices have been obtained on advantageous terms, the refurbishment costs being offset against a significantly lower rent.
  • The first major refurbishment was completed in 1988 by Land Securities.
  • During the refurbishment period, the kiln was stripped down to its basic frame, shot-blasted and painted.
  • I merely want the information upon which I can decide whether refurbishment can go ahead.
  • To one side is a well equipped works which enables the railway to undertake repairs and refurbishment to high engineering standards.

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