Refurbished Meaning & Definition

Refurbished Meaning & Definition  – পরিমার্জিত .


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Refurbished meaning in English :

পরিমার্জিত Definition of Refurbished :

made to look new again by work such as painting, repairing, and cleaning.

Refurbished Synonym :

renovated, renewed, restored, fixed, revamped, rehabilitated, reformed, remodeled, rebuilt, mended, restored, modernized, overhauled, updated, reconditioned, redecorated, rehabbed, repaired, upgraded, reequipped, refreshed, rejuvenated, retreaded, cleaned up, freshened up.

Antonym :

outdated, antique, archaic, antiquated, oldfangled, fossilized, old, early, badly damaged

Refurbished Meaning in other languages:

  • German : renoviert
  • Arabic : تجديد
  • English: পরিমার্জিত
  • Spanish : restaurado
  • French : remis à neuf
  • Maori : Ka whakahoutia
  • Russian : обновленный
  • Italian : ristrutturato

Refurbished in a Sentence

  • The company sells refurbished goods for as much as 50% off.
  • Most of the century-old houses had now been refurbished.
  • For 2 days we fought to bring down Bolivar and Ozark with refurbished laser bombs that we dropped from air cars.
  • It was subsequently bought and refurbished by the Scottish Spastics Association [as it was then called].
  • The proliferation of new cars did not annul the continued use of old models which were repaired, repainted and refurbished ad infinitum.
  • The company offers refurbished machines with limited warranties.
  • Each tank had to be refurbished to pick up the system’s signal.
  • It was an old building, refurbished in the style of its glory days during the 1920s French colonial rule.
  • Therefore Yi Luo brought the most magnificent ship, refurbished it and even had.
  • The newly refurbished property is across the street from the beach.
  • We refurbished driver seats for these accounts.
  • We built the car wash, then sold the whole package – Robo, refurbished station, and lot – back to the company.
  • They subsidize refurbished computers for the schools.
  • The inside of the home had been completely refurbished.
  • They would be housed in a recently refurbished part of the old courthouse which was next door to the current station.
  • I sat on the makeshift step of what would be my refurbished porch and envisioned a yard with wildflowers.

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