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Noun. Prowess Meaning & Definition – পুরুষকার, প্রতাপ, পরাক্রম, শৌর্য, বীর্য. Besides Prowess Bangla Meaning you will also know other uses of it.

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পুরুষকার, প্রতাপ, পরাক্রম, শৌর্য, বীর্য


  1. skill or expertise in a particular activity or field
  2. bravery in battle.

Prowess Synonyms :

Skill, skillfulness, expertise, effectiveness, mastery, facility, ability, capability, capacity, talent, genius, adroitness, adeptness ,aptitude, dexterity, deftness, competence, competency, professionalism, excellence, accomplishment, experience, proficiency, expertness, finesse, know-how, savoir faire

Antonyms :

Inability, ineptitude

Prowess in a Sentence :

  • He was better trained than anybody in our section, and the Corporals admired his physical prowess.
  • It comes as a surprise to find him boasting of his prowess as a rioter.
  • Remember, your value to a magazine isn’t only your prowess or popularity as a musician.
  • He was convinced Jeopardy would hate him for ever, change his mind about the performance, change his mind about his prowess.
  • However, their technical know-how does not match their physical prowess.
  • But Aurangzeb was rarely prepared to rely on military prowess alone.
  • This was due partly to her hats and partly to her remarkable prowess as a lady cricketer.
  • He was famous for his prowess as an athlete.
  • The Gurkhas are famed for their prowess in battle.
  •  He was complimented on his prowess as an oarsman.
  • Although he liked to be admired for his prowess, he didn’t like male-talk of that kind.
  •  Her military prowess should not have been doubted.
  •  It was where physical prowess was under constant assessment and where a boy’s self-respect could be built up or crushed.
  •  Dex’s thinner housemates wonder at his prowess.

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