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Prosperous Meaning in Hindi

Prosperous meaning in Hindi : समृद्ध , संपन्न , सफल , ख़ुशहाल .


Know Prosperous in Hindi & other usage.

Prosperous meaning in Hindi :

समृद्ध , संपन्न , सफल , ख़ुशहाल .

Prosperous Definition in English : successful in material terms; flourishing financially .

Prosperous Meaning in different languages

  • Arabic : مزدهر
  • Hindi : समृद्ध
  • Italian : prospera
  • French : prospère
  • German : wohlhabend
  • Maori : oroa
  • Spanish : próspera
  • Russian : процветающий
  • Tamil : வளமான

Prosperous Synonyms

progressing, progressive, affluent, improved, high, exalted, elevated, noble, opulent, wealthy, flourishing, improving, successful, palmy


impoverished, wanting, weak, destitute, failing, unpromising, unsuccessful, disadvantageous, hopeless, lacking, needy, poor, unhappy, upset, losing.

Prosperous in a sentence :

  • It is our belief that improvements in health care will lead to a stronger, more prosperous economy.
  • Those workers were almost always at larger, more prosperous companies.
  • Farmers are more prosperous in the south of the country.
  • He has the leadership that can make San Francisco more prosperous.
  • Hank shows how prosperous he is by having parties at his mansion every weekend.
  • There are some areas of poverty but the country as a whole is fairly prosperous.
  • He owns a mill, and seems to be prosperous in the world.
  • Rajneesh was the darling of a prosperous family.
  • Then Dole laid out his own vision for a prosperous nation.
  • In the prosperous future, one group of people will rise to this challenge.
  • It’s a fallacy that the affluent give relatively more to charity than the less prosperous.
  • But the worker has not nearly enjoyed as prosperous an opportunity.
  • After their misfortunes the family slowly became prosperous.
  • Her father was a Hungarian immigrant who became a prosperous businessman.
  • Finally, after 1900 they again became prosperous producers.
  • The once prosperous town has hemorrhaged manufacturing jobs over the last 15 years.
  • But few other metropolitan markets are quite as prosperous as Boston.
  • The finds from these burial grounds point to the existence of a prosperous matriarchal society.
  • In a prosperous country like this, no one should go hungry.
  • Although the restaurant took a while to become prosperous, it was soon grossing over a million dollars a year.
  • Prosperous communities sprang up in eastern Oregon and Washington.
  • Few were more prosperous in all the relations of their lives.
  • It is a prosperous voyage to the ship.
  • Now concerning the city toronto this city is Beautiful and Prosperous Levele city.
  • Although the restaurant took a while to become prosperous, it was soon grossing over a million dollars a year.

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