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Prosperous Antonym

Prosperous Antonym – impoverished, destitute, failing, unpromising.


Know Prosperous antonyms & other usage.

Prosperous Antonym :

lacking, destitute, failing, unpromising, unsuccessful, disadvantageous, hopeless, weak, unhappy, wanting, impoverished, upset, needy, poor, losing.


flourishing, improved, high, exalted, elevated, noble, opulent, successful, progressive, progressing, wealthy, affluent, improving, palmy.

Definition of Prosperous

successful in material terms; flourishing financially .

Prosperous Meaning in different languages

  • Arabic : مزدهر
  • Maori : oroa
  • Spanish : próspera
  • Russian : процветающий
  • Italian : prospera
  • French : prospère
  • German : wohlhabend
  • Hindi : समृद्ध
  • Tamil : வளமான

Prosperous in a sentence :

  • It is our belief that improvements in health care will lead to a stronger, more prosperous economy.
  • Hank shows how prosperous he is by having parties at his mansion every weekend.
  • There are some areas of poverty but the country as a whole is fairly prosperous.
  • He owns a mill, and seems to be prosperous in the world.
  • Rajneesh was the darling of a prosperous family.
  • Then Dole laid out his own vision for a prosperous nation.
  • In the prosperous future, one group of people will rise to this challenge.
  • It’s a fallacy that the affluent give relatively more to charity than the less prosperous.
  • Her father was a Hungarian immigrant who became a prosperous businessman.
  • Finally, after 1900 they again became prosperous producers.
  • The once prosperous town has hemorrhaged manufacturing jobs over the last 15 years.
  • But the worker has not nearly enjoyed as prosperous an opportunity.
  • But few other metropolitan markets are quite as prosperous as Boston.
  • The finds from these burial grounds point to the existence of a prosperous matriarchal society.
  • In a prosperous country like this, no one should go hungry.
  • Although the restaurant took a while to become prosperous, it was soon grossing over a million dollars a year.
  • Prosperous communities sprang up in eastern Oregon and Washington.
  • Few were more prosperous in all the relations of their lives.
  • It is a prosperous voyage to the ship.
  • Now concerning the city toronto this city is Beautiful and Prosperous Levele city.
  • After their misfortunes the family slowly became prosperous.
  • Although the restaurant took a while to become prosperous, it was soon grossing over a million dollars a year.

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