Promote Meaning & Definition – উন্নীত করা, উন্নত করা, বর্ধিত করা


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Promote Meaning & Definition : উন্নীত করা, উন্নত করা, বর্ধিত করা


support or actively encourage (a cause, venture, etc.); further the progress of.

Promote Synonyms :

encourage, further, advance, assist, aid, help, contribute to, foster ,nurture, develop ,boost

Antonyms :

Obstruct, impede

Promote in a Sentence :

·        We need to do more to promote good race relations.

·        The government’s policies will promote the welfare of all citizens.

·        The band has gone on tour to promote their new album.

·        They wish to promote a real and effectual understanding between the two countries.

·        He was in town to promote his new books.

·        The aim of the culture festival is to promote friendship between the two countries.

·        Some types of antibiotic are used to promote growth in farm animals.

·        It became difficult to promote excellence without being accused of elitism.

·        She refused to promote Colin above the low rank of “legal adviser”.

·        We need to promote an open exchange of ideas and information.

·        An industrial estate will help to promote the business of that city.

·        a meeting to promote trade between Taiwan and the U.K.

·        If you promote our goods, we will give you a good discount as our part of the bargain.

·        The association works to promote the status of retired people as useful members of the community.

·        The government should do more to promote sustainable agriculture.

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