Prepositions Examples Use and Exercises

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  1. Abide by – মেনে চলা – Students should abide by their teacher’s advice.
  2. Abide with – সংগে থাকা – He abides with me.
  3. Abstain from – বিরত থাকা – Everyone should abstain from smoking.
  4. Abide in – বাস করা – I abide in Dhaka.
  5. Accuse of – অভিযোগ করা – He was accused of theft.
  6. Abound with-পূর্ণ থাকা-The Padma abounds with fishes.
  7. Abound in – প্রচুর পরিমাণে থাকা – Fish abounds in the padma.
  8. Accede to- রাজী হওয়া-I acceded to his request.
  9. Account for-কোন কিছুর জন্য কৈফিয়ত দেওয়া-We shall have to account to god for our deeds.
  10. Account to-কাহারো কাছে কৈফিয়ত দেওয়া-We shall have to account to god for our deeds.
  11. Acquit of-বেকসুর খালাস-He was acquitted of the charge of murder.
  12. Agree on-কোন বিষয়ে রাজী হওয়া-I can agree with you on this point.
  13. Adhere to-লেগে থাকা-I must adhere to my principles.
  14. Agree with-ব্যক্তির সাথে রাজী হওয়া-I agreed with him.
  15. Agree to-কোন প্রস্তাবে রাজী হওয়া-I cannot agree to your proposal.
  16. Apologies to-কারো কাছে ক্ষমা চাওয়া-The student apologized to the principal for his misbehavior.
  17. Apologies for-কোন কিছুর জন্যে ক্ষমা চাওয়া-The student apologized to the principal for his misbehavior.
  18. Answer for-কোন কিছুর জন্য জবাবদিহি করা-We are to answer to god for our actions.
  19. Aim at-লক্ষ্য করা-The police aimed at the robber.
  20. Appear to-প্রতীয়মান হওয়া-It appears to me that he is innocent.
  21. Appear in-প্রকাশিত হওয়া-The news appeared in the Ittefaq.
  22. Appeal to-কারো কাছে আবেদন করা-I appealed to him for help.
  23. Appeal against-পুনরায় বিচার চাওয়া-He appealed to the supreme court against the judgment.
  24. Apply to-কারো কাছে আবেদন করা-I applied to the principal for medical leave.
  25. Apply to-প্রয়োগ করা-The rule does not apply to my case.
  26. Attend to-মনোযোগ দেওয়া-Students should attend to their lessons.
  27. Attend at-গমন করা-He does not attends at patients.
  28. Approve of-অনুমোদন করা-I approved of his actions.
  29. Attend on-সেবা করা-A nurse attends on patients.
  30. Aspire after-আকাঙ্খা করা-Man aspires after riches.
  31. Appoint to-নিয়োগ করা-The principal appointed him to the post.
  32. Ask for-কারো কাছে কোন কিছু চাওয়া-I asked for a boy to chop wood.
  33. Avenge on -করো উপর প্রতিশোধ লওয়া-I avenged on him for his rudeness.
  34. Avenge for- কোন কিছুর জন্য প্রতিশোধ লওয়া-I avenged on him for his rudeness.
  35. Atone for-প্রায়শ্চিত করা-A sinner has to atone for his sins.
  36. Absorbed in-নিমগ্ন থাকা-He is absorbed in deep studies.
  37. Absent from-অনুপস্থিত-He was absent from the meeting.
  38. Acquainted with-পরিচিত-I am acquainted with him.
  39. Addicted to-খারাপ কাজে আসক্ত-He is addicted with him.
  40. Accustomed to-অভ্যস্ত-Jerry was accustomed to hard work.
  41. Adjacent to-সংলগ্ন-His house is adjacent to mine.
  42. Adapted from-গৃহীত-The story is adapted from Gulliver’s Travels.
  43. Accompanied By-সাথে নিয়ে-The politician joined the meeting accompanied by his supporters.
  44. Adequate to-পর্যাপ্ত-This little amount of money is adequate to my purpose.
  45. Adapted for-উপযোগী-The story has been adapted for school boys from Gulliver’s Travels.
  46. Accountable to, for-কারো কাছে, কোন কিছুর জন্যে দায়ী-We are accountable to Allah for our deeds.
  47. Afraid of-ভীত-He is not afraid of anybody.
  48. Agreeable to-রুচিসম্মত-The climate of the place is agreeable to me.
  49. Alive to-জ্ঞাত-A politician is always alive to his flatters.
  50. Alien to-বিরোধী-Flattery is alien to my nature.
  51. Alarmed at-ভীত-I was alarmed at the violence.
  52. Angry with-কারো উপর রাগাম্বিত-He is angry with his younger brother.
  53. Annoyed with-কারো প্রতি বিরক্ত-The father is annoyed with his son for going to cinema.
  54. Anxious about-উদ্বিগ্ন-Students are anxious about their result.
  55. Ashamed of-লজ্জিত-I am ashamed of his conduct.
  56. Astonished at-বিস্মিত-The authoress was astonished at Jerry’s integrity.
  57. Appropriate to-উপযুক্ত-His remark was appropriate in the occasion.
  58. Aware of-সচেতন-Students should be aware of their duties.
  59. Attentive to-মনোযোগী-Students should be attentive to their lessons.
  60. Affectionate to-স্নেহপূর্ণ-The authoress was affectionate to Jerry.
  61. Amazed at-বিস্মিত-The author became amazed at Jerry’s sense of duty.
  62. Accomplished in-দক্ষ-The boy is accomplished in painting
  63. Ambitious of-উচ্চাকাঙ্খী-Napoleon was ambitious of fame.
  64. Attach to-জুড়ে দেওয়া-I attached the documents to the application.
  65. Allotted to-বন্টনকৃত-The shares were allotted to the partners.
  66. Amenable to-বাধ্য-The lady is not amenable to reason.
  67. Access to-প্রবেশাধিকার-We have access to the Principal’s room.
  68. Affection for-স্নেহ-The postmaster had affection for Ratan.
  69. Ambition for-উচ্চাকাঙ্খা-Napoleon had ambition for fame.
  70. Authority over-প্রভাব-He has no authority over his student.
  71. Aptitude for-প্রবণতা-The girl has a great aptitude for music.
  72. Apology for-ক্ষমা প্রার্থনা-The student had to apology to the teacher for his misbehavior.
  73. Antidote to-প্রতিষেধক-Paracetamol is antidote to fever and headache.
  74. Addiction to-মন্দকাজে আসক্তি-Addiction to gambling is very bad.
  75. Absence from-অনুপস্থিতি-His absence from the function shocked me much.
  76. Aspire after-উচ্চ আশা করা-Man aspires after riches.
  77. Assure of-নিশ্চিত করা-I assured him of my help.
  78. Argue with-তর্ক করা-Students should not argue with their teachers.
  79. Apprise of-জানানো-I would like to apprise you of the fact.
  80. Abhorrence of-ঘৃণা-A drunkard has no abhorrence of wine.
  81. Abhorrent to-ঘৃণ্য-Drinking is abhorrent to me.
  82. According to-অনুসারে-He acted Acccording to my advice.
  83. Bark at-ঘেউ ঘেউ করা-The dog always barks at a stranger.
  84. Bar of-বাধা-Poverty is bar of his success.
  85. Based on-ভিত্তির উপর প্রতিষ্টিত-His allegation was based on facts.
  86. Bask in-রৌদ্র পোহানো-In winter people bask in the sun.
  87. Beware of-সতর্ক হওয়া-Beware of thieves.
  88. Beg of-ক্ষমা প্রার্থনা করা-I begged mercy of the principal.
  89. Beg for-প্রার্থনা করা-(pray a person for a thing) The poor beg for alms of the rice.
  90. Believe in-বিশ্বাস করা-I do not believe in overloading my stomach.
  91. Beneficial to-উপকারী-Morning walk is beneficial to health.
  92. Bereft of-বঞ্চিত-Jerry was bereft of motherly affection.
  93. Bent upon-সংকল্পবদ্ধ-He is bent upon going to the meeting.
  94. Bequeath to-উইলের দ্বারা দিয়ে যাওয়া-My father bequeathed a portion of his land to my mother.
  95. Beset with-বেষ্টিত-The principal is beset with flatterers.
  96. Bestow on-প্রদান করা-God bestows his mercy on us.
  97. Blind of-অন্ধ-The man is blind of one eye.
  98. Blind to-দেখেও না দেখা-He is blind to his son’s fault.
  99. Boast of-দম্ভ করা-He boasts of his riches.
  100. Born in-জন্ম-I was born in Khulna.
  101. Born of-জাত-I was born of middle class family.
  102. Borrow from-ধার লওয়া-He borrowed a book from his friend.
  103. Born to-জন্ম দেওয়া-She born to a female child.
  104. Bound for-কোন স্থানের উদ্দেশ্য যাত্রা-The ship is bound for London.
  105. Brood on/over-বিষন্নভাবে চিন্তা করা-One should not brood on/over one’s failure.
  106. Burdened with-ভারপ্রাপ্ত-Jim was burdened with a family
  107. Busy at-ব্যস্ত-The student is busy at his desk.
  108. Burst into-কান্নায় ভেঙ্গে পড়া-Suddenly he burst into tears.
  109. Burst out-হাসিতে ফেটে পড়া-They burst out into a laughter hearing my jokes.
  110. Capable of-সক্ষম-He is capable of solving the problem.
  111. Care for-গ্রাহ্য করা-He does not care for any body.
  112. Care of-যতœ-We should take care of our health.
  113. Callous to-উদাসীন-We should not be callous to the sufferings of the poor.
  114. Capacity for-দক্ষতা-We should have capacity for hard labor.
  115. Cause for-কারণ(ভবিষ্যৎ ঘটনার জন্য)-There is no cause for anxiety.
  116. Cause of-কারণ-What was the cause of his accident?
  117. Cautious of-সতর্ক -He is not cautious of his future.
  118. Caution against-সাবধান-We should take proper caution against cancer.
  119. Close to-নিকটে-My house is close to my college.
  120. Clue to-সূত্র-I found a clue to the mystery.
  121. Clear of-মুক্ত-We should always be clear of our debts.
  122. Cling to-লেগে থাকা-One should cling to one’s plan.
  123. Certain of-নিশ্চিত-He is certain of passing the examination
  124. Characterized by-সুচিহ্নিত-The drames of Shakespeare are characterized by great knowledge.
  125. Charge against-কাহারও বিরুদ্ধে অভিযোগ-He brought a charge against me.
  126. Charge on-অভিযুক্ত করা-The murder was charged on the innocent man.
  127. Clothed with-সজ্জিত-Clothed with glory he stood up in the meeting.
  128. Clothed in-পোশাক পরিহিত-The lady was clothed in white.
  129. Communicate to-খবর দেওয়া-Please communicate the news to my mother.
  130. Communicate with-সংবাদ আদান প্রদান করা-I shall communicate with my mother on the matter.
  131. Coincide with-মিলে যাওয়া-His opinion coincided with me.
  132. Compare with-একই জাতীয় জিনিসের তুলনা করা-Nazrul can be compared with Shelly.
  133. Compare to-অসম বস্তুর তুলনা করা-Life may be compared to flowers.
  134. Commit to-মুখস্থ করা-I committed the poem to memory
  135. Comment on-মন্তব্য করা-He commented on the lecture.
  136. Commended to -প্রশংসা করা-The teacher commended the book to the students.
  137. Common to-সাধারণ-Death is common to all.
  138. Commence on-শুরু করা-Our examination will commence on Monday.
  139. Compensate for-ক্ষতিপূরণ করা-He will compensate for my loss.
  140. Competent for-উপযুক্ত-He is competent for the post.
  141. Compete with-প্রতিযোগিতা করা-I shall not compete with you for the Post of Principal
  142. Complain to, Against-অভিযোগ করা-The teacher complained to the principal against the unruly students.
  143. Comply with-সম্মত হওয়া-He complied with my request.
  144. Composed of-গঠিত-Water is composed of oxygen and hydrogen
  145. Complement on-প্রশংসা করা-The principal complemented the student on his brilliant success.
  146. Conceive of-চিন্তা করা-I could not conceive of dishonesty in him.
  147. Concentrate in/on-মনোযোগ দেয়া-At last the unruly boy concentrated in/on his studies.
  148. Concerned in-সংশিষ্ট -He is not concerned in the plot.
  149. Concerned for-উদ্বিগ্ন-Students are concerned for their result.
  150. Concur with-একমত হওয়া-The lawyer concurred with the decision of the client.
  151. Condemn to-দায়ী হওয়া-The criminal was condemned to death.
  152. Condole with/on-সমবেদনা প্রকাশ করা-I condole with my friend on his father’s death.
  153. Conducive to-উপকারী-Early rising is conducive to health.
  154. Confess to-স্বীকার করা-He confessed to his guilt.
  155. Confide in-বিশ্বাস করা-I can confide in his honesty.
  156. Confide to-বিশ্বাস করে বলা-I confided the secret to him.
  157. Confident of-আশাবাদী-I am confident of my success.
  158. Confined in-আবদ্ধ-He was confined in prison for a murder case.
  159. Confined to-শয্যাগত-He was confined to bed by an attack of dysentery.
  160. Conform with-একমত হওয়া-His words conform with his work.
  161. Conform to-মান্য করা-We are to conform to social norms.
  162. Conformity with-অনুসারে-I did the work in conformity with plan.
  163. Confuse with-তালগোল পাকানো-Don’t confuse liberty with license.
  164. Conceal from-লুকানো-The criminal concealed many things form the police officer.
  165. Congenial to-উপযোগী-The climate of new place is congenial to my health.
  166. Congratulate on-অভিনন্দন জানানো-The teacher Congratulates the students on their bright result.
  167. Connives at-উপেক্ষা করা-Sometimes a mother connives at her son’s fault.
  168. Conscious of-সচেতন-I am conscious of my duties and responsibilities.
  169. Consist of-গঠিত-The committee was consisted of ten members.
  170. Consist in-নিহিত থাকা-True happiness consists in contentment.
  171. Consideration for-বিবেচনা-He was showed consideration for his old age.
  172. Consistent with-একই প্রকার-His words were not consistent with his actions.
  173. Conspicuous for-গুরুত্বপূর্ণ-Once Dhaka was conspicuous for Muslim.
  174. Contemporary with-সমসাময়িক-Nazrul was contemporary of/with Tagore.
  175. Contend with-প্রতিযোগিতা করা-He contended with a strong rival.
  176. Contiguous to-নিকটবর্তী-My residence was contiguous to my college.
  177. Contrary to-বিপরীতভাবে-The student acted contrary to his teacher’s direction.
  178. Contrast to-বৈসাদৃশ্য-His action is contrast to his profession.
  179. Contrast with-বৈসাদৃশ্য দেখান-He drew a contrast Nazrul with Tagore.
  180. Contribute to-সাহায্যে করা-I contributed a good amount to the flood affected area.
  181. Control over-নিয়ন্ত্রন-The man has no control over his sons.
  182. Conversant with-পুরোপুরি অবগত-The officer is conversant with all the facts.
  183. Converse with-আলাপ-আলোচনা-I conversed with him on our national problem.
  184. Converted to-ধর্মান্তরিত হওয়া-He was converted to Islam.
  185. Convict of-অপরাধী সাব্যস্ত হওয়া-The criminal was convicted of murder.
  186. Convince of-বিশ্বাস জন্মানো-The writer was convinced of Jerry’s honesty.
  187. Cope with-খাপ খাওয়ানো-I failed to cope with the new environment.
  188. Correspond with-চিঠি পত্রের আদান প্রদান করা-I regularly correspond with my family.
  189. Dawn on-প্রকাশিত হওয়া-At last the truth dawned on him.
  190. Deal in-ব্যবসা করা-He deals in rice
  191. Deal with-ব্যবহার করা-He does not know how to deal with a gentleman.
  192. Decide upon-স্থির করা-The boy has not decided upon his program.
  193. Decide against-বিরুদ্ধে সিদ্ধান্ত নেয়া-The judgment was decided against the innocent boy.
  194. Dedicate to-উৎসর্গ করা-Our principal has dedicated his life to the service of the college.
  195. Defend from-রক্ষা করা-One should defend oneself from evil temptations.
  196. Defend against-নিরাপত্তা বিধান করা-We should defend our country against all attacks.
  197. Delete form-বাদ দেওয়া-The book was deleted from the list.
  198. Delight in-আনন্দিত হওয়া-I delight in sports and games.
  199. Deliver in-দেয়া-I delivered his letter to his mother.
  200. Deficient in-অদক্ষ-The boy is deficient in English.
  201. Demand for-চাহিদা-Jerry had no demand for high amount.
  202. Demand from-দাবি করা-I demanded the amount from him.
  203. Depend Upon-নির্ভর করা-I demanded upon his word.
  204. Dependent on-নির্ভরশীল-Our family is dependent on me.
  205. Deprive of-বঞ্চিত-He was deprived of the property.
  206. Derive from-পাওয়া-Wordsworth derived much inspiration from his sister.
  207. Deserving of-যোগ্য-His honesty is deserving of praise.
  208. Desire for-আকাঙ্খা-I have no desire for riches.
  209. Despair of-হতাশ হওয়া-A lazy boy always despairs of success in life.
  210. Descent from-বংশোদ্বুত-He claims to have descended from a noble family.
  211. Desirous of-আকাঙ্খা-My father is not desirous of wealth.
  212. Destined for-নির্ধারিত হওয়া-I am destined for teaching profession.
  213. Destructive to-ক্ষতিকারক-Smoking is destructive to health.
  214. Detach from-বিচ্ছিন্ন-He is detached from his family.
  215. Determined on-সংকল্পবদ্ধ-I am determined on carrying on my studies.
  216. Detrimental to-ক্ষতিকারক-Smoking is detrimental to health.
  217. Deviate from-চুত্য হওয়া-My father never deviated from the truth.
  218. Devoid of-বর্জিত-He is devoid of common sense.
  219. Die by-আকস্মিক বা ইচ্ছাকৃতভাবে মরা-He died by suicide.
  220. Die for-আত্মত্যাগ করা-We are ready to die for our country.
  221. Devote to-নিয়োজিত করা-He was devoted to do the work.
  222. Die of-কোন রোগে মরা-He died of cholera.
  223. Die from-কোন কারণে মরা-He died from over eating.
  224. Differ from-এক বস্তুর সহিত অন্য বস্তুর পার্থক্য-The rose differs from Marigold.
  225. Differ with-ভিন্ন মত পোষণ করা-I differ with you on this point.
  226. Different from-পৃথক-This pen in different from that.
  227. Diffident of-আতœবিশ্বাসহীন-A lazy boy is always diffident of success.
  228. Disgrace to-লজ্জা-A notorious boy is disgrace to his family.
  229. Disgusted with-বিরক্ত-The teacher is disgusted with the student at his misconduct.
  230. Dislike to-অপছন্দ-I have a dislike to evil company.
  231. Displeased with-অসন্তুষ্ট-The teacher is displeased with the student.
  232. Dispose of-সুসম্পন্ন করা-The principal ordered the the clerk to dispose of the file.
  233. Disqualified for-অনুপযুক্ত-You are disqualified for the post for your overage.
  234. Dispute with-বিষাদ-There is none to dispute with my right.
  235. Dissimilar to-বিসদৃশ-This pen is dissimilar to that
  236. Distinguish between-পার্থক্য দেখানো-Distinguish between the two.
  237. Distinguish from-এক জিনিষ হতে অন্য জিনিষের পার্থক্য দেখান-He tried to distinguish right from wrong.
  238. Distract from-অমনোযোগী করা-The music distracted my attention from my study.
  239. Dispense with-ত্যাগ করা-The headmaster dispensed the clerk with his services.
  240. Divide into-ভাগ করা-He divided the mangoes into two equal halves.
  241. Doubt about -সন্দেহ-I have doubt about his success.
  242. Due to-কারণ/প্রাপ্য-I could not go to college due to my illness. The prize was due to me.
  243. Dull of-বোধ শক্তিহীন-The boy is dull of hearing
  244. Dull at-কাঁচা-He is dull at English.
  245. Divert from-পথ পরিত্যাগ করানো-He diverted me from my purpose.
  246. Duty to-কর্তব্য-We must do our duty to our parents.
  247. Dwell in-বাস করা-The manager dwells in a fine house.
  248. Dwell upon-আলোচনা করা-The teacher dwelled upon the subject.
  249. Expose to-খুলে রাখা-Don’t expose the syrup to babies.
  250. Expert at-দক্ষ-The girl is expert at drawing.
  251. Expert in-কোন বিষয়ে দক্ষ-Mr. Jalil is expert in English.
  252. Excuse from-ক্ষমা করা-The Headmaster excused him from fine.
  253. Excuse for-কৈফিয়ত-His excuse for his absence was not granted.
  254. Expect from-আশা করা-I expect a good result from my younger brother.
  255. Exult over-আনন্দ করা-Don’t exult over a defeated foe.
  256. Exclude from-বাদ দেওয়া-He was excluded from the list.
  257. Eager for-উৎসুক-A greedy man is eager for riches.
  258. Earnest in-আগ্রহী-Students should be earnest in their studies.
  259. Easy of-সহজে-The problem is easy of solution.
  260. Eligible for-যোগ্য-He is not eligible for the post.
  261. Emerge for-বের হওয়া-Suddenly a tiger emerged from the bush.
  262. End in-শেষ হওয়া-All his attempts ended in smoke
  263. Endowed with-ভুষিত-Sher-E-Bangla was endowed with many qualities.
  264. Engaged to-বাকদত্তা-She is engaged to a doctor.
  265. Engaged in-নিমগ্ন-He is engaged in writing a book.
  266. Enveloped in-আচ্ছন্ন-The sky is enveloped in black clouds.
  267. Envy at-কোন কিছুতে ইর্ষা-His heart was filled with envy at my grand success.
  268. Envious of-ঈর্ষা পরায়ন-He is envious of my success.
  269. Enter into-প্রবেশ করা-The thief entered into the room at dead of night.
  270. Enlist in-তালিকা ভুক্ত হওয়া-He is enlisted in the party.
  271. Equal in-সমকক্ষ-I am equal in rank with you.
  272. Equally with-সমানভাবে-The manager is to blame equally with the clerk.
  273. Escape from-মুক্তি-Man has no escape form death.
  274. Essential to-অত্যাবশ্যক-Sound health is essential to success in life.
  275. Exclusive of-বাদ দিয়ে-The rent of the house is five thousand taka exclusive of current bill.
  276. Exhausted with-ক্লান্ত-I am exhausted with hard work.
  277. Faith in-বিশ্বাস-I have faith in his honesty.
  278. Faith with-বিশ্বস্ততা-He has broken faith with me.
  279. Faithful to-বিশ্বাসী-The dog is a faithful animal to its master.
  280. Failure of-সাফল্যহীনতা-The failure of my younger brother in the examination shocked me very much.
  281. Familiar with-ঘনিষ্ঠ-I am familiar with him.
  282. Famous for-বিখ্যাত-Mohsin is famous for his kindness.
  283. Favourable for-অনুকুল-The soil of Sylhet is favourable for growing grapes.
  284. Favour of-পক্ষে-His report was in favour of me.
  285. Fear of-ভয়-The rich are in fear of their lives.
  286. Fear for-আতঙ্ক-The rich fear for their lives.
  287. Fearful of-ভীত-I am fearful of my future.
  288. Feed on-খেয়ে বেচে থাকা-The cow feeds on grass.
  289. Fire at-গুলি করা-The police fired at the criminal.
  290. Filled with-পূর্ণ-The sailors were filled with fear.
  291. Fine for-জরিমানা-He had to pay heavy fine for his misbehavior.
  292. Fit for-উপযুক্ত-He is fit for the post.
  293. Fix to-লাগানো-Fix the stamp to the envelope.
  294. Fond of-প্রিয়-I am fond of meat.
  295. Fondness of-পছন্দ-I have fondness of sweet.
  296. Excel in-দক্ষ-The boy excels in painting.
  297. Exception to-ব্যতিক্রম-There is an exception to every rule.
  298. Exempt from-নিস্কৃতি পাওয়া-The poor student was exempted from tuition fee.
  299. Exile from-নির্বাসিত-The king was exiled from the country.
  300. Experience in-অভিজ্ঞতা-Professor Abdur Rashid has vast experience in English.
  301. Foreign to-অজ্ঞাত-Telling lies is foreign to an honest man.
  302. Forgetful of-ভুলে যাওয়া-Man is forgetful of the past.
  303. Free from-মুক্ত-Man is not free from cares and anxieties.
  304. Free of-ব্যতিত-The goods reached free of cost.
  305. Frown in/ at-ভ্রæকুটি করা-The teacher frowned in/ at the boy who made noise in the class.
  306. Fruitful in-সমৃদ্ধ-Bangladesh is fruitful in gas resources.
  307. Full of-পরিপূর্ণ-The glass is full of dirty water.
  308. Furnish with-সজ্জিত-The college was furnished with fine furniture.
  309. Glad of-সন্তুষ্ট-I am glad of your help.
  310. Glad at-আনন্দিত-My parents are glad at my success.
  311. Glance at-তাকানো-I glanced at the building.
  312. Glance over-চোখ বুলানো-I glanced over the paper.
  313. Glimpse of-এক পলক দেখা-The crowd were waiting to have a glimpse of the leader.
  314. Glory in-গর্ব অনুভব করা-My parents glory in my success.
  315. Good at-দক্ষ-Imran Khan is good at cricket.
  316. Grateful to, for-কৃতজ্ঞ-I am grateful to Chowdhury for his kind help.
  317. Grasp at-আঁকড়িয়ে ধরা-He grasped at the shadow and lost the thing.
  318. Greedy of/ after-লোভী-A saint is not greedy of/ after riches.
  319. Guard from-পাহারা দেওয়া-The watch guards our house from thieves.
  320. Guard against-সতর্ক থাকা-We must guard against our mistakes.
  321. Guess at-অনুমান করা-Wordsworth failed to guess at the reaper’s song.
  322. Guilty of-দোষী-The servant was guilty of theft.
  323. Hanker after-লালায়িত-A saint does not hanker after riches.
  324. Hatred of/  for-ঘৃণা-We should not have hatred of / for any body.
  325. Heed to-মন দিয়ে শোনা-The sons did not pay heed to their father’s advice.
  326. Heir of-উত্তরাধীকারী ব্যক্তি-Muhsin has no heir of his property.
  327. Hesitate at-ইতস্তত করা-A brave man does not hesitate at anything.
  328. Hinder from-বাধা দেওয়া-My father hindered me from going to cinema.
  329. Hindrance to-বাধা-Poverty is hindrance to my success.
  330. Hint at-আভাস দেওয়া-I hinted him at the matter.
  331. Hope of-আশা-A coward has no hope of success in life.
  332. Hopeful of-আশাবাদী-Kanta is hopeful of her success.
  333. Hit upon-মতলব খাটানো-We hit upon a plan.
  334. Hostile to-বিরোধী-The pak armies were hostile to the freedom Fighters.
  335. Hunt after/ for-হন্যে হয়ে ফেরা-Don’t hunt after/ for wealth.
  336. Ignorant of-অজ্ঞ-He is ignorant of the murder.
  337. Ill with-পিড়ীত-It will go ill with me if I do not abide by my father’s advice.
  338. Immersed in-নিমজ্জিত-One should not be immersed in debt.
  339. Impatient of-অধীর-The workers are impatient of delay.
  340. Impose Upon-ধার্য করা-The duty was imposed upon me.
  341. Impress with-চাপানো-I was impressed with his stern sense of duty.
  342. Incentive to-উৎসাহ দায়ক-Bonus is incentive to workers.
  343. Include in-অন্তর্ভুক্ত করা-My name was included in the list.
  344. Inclination to, for-প্রবণতা, ঝোক-Tinni has a deep inclination to/for music.
  345. Incumbent on-কর্তব্য-It is incumbent on us to help the poor.
  346. Indebted to-ঝণী-I am greatly indebted to my teacher.
  347. Independent of-স্বাধীন-None is independent of society.
  348. Indifferent to-উদাসীন-Students should not be indifferent to their studies.
  349. Indispensable to-একান্ত আবশ্যক-Sincere workers are indispensable to our country.
  350. Influence over-প্রভাব-The old man has no influence over his sons.
  351. Influenced by-প্রভাবিত-I am influenced by my father’s honesty.
  352. Inform against-কাহারও বিরুদ্ধে অভিযোগ আনা-The villagers informed the police against the murder.
  353. Inform of-কোন বস্তু সম্বন্ধে জানানো-I Informed him of his result.
  354. Inherent in-সহজাত-Honesty was inherent in Jerry.
  355. Innocent of-নির্দোষ-The officer is innocent of the charge.
  356. Inquire of, about-জিজ্ঞেসা করা-The police inquired of him about the murder.
  357. Insist on-জোর দেওয়া-He insisted on my going to cinema.
  358. Inspire with-অনুপ্রাণিত করা-The advice of the teacher inspired us with courge.
  359. Instinct with-অনুপ্রাণিত-Nazrul’s poems are instinct with patriotic feelings.
  360. Interest in-আগ্রহী হওয়া-Monira takes interest in music.
  361. Interfere with, in-অনাধিকার চর্চা করা-He always interferes with me in my affairs.
  362. Intimate with-ঘনিষ্ঠ-Jerry was intimate with pat.
  363. Intimate to-জানানো-Please intimate to him about the result.
  364. Introduce to-পরিচয় করা-I introduced my friend to my parents.
  365. Intrude upon-অনধিকার প্রবেশ-I don’t want you to intrude upon our discussion.
  366. Invest with-ভুষিত করা-The captain was invested with new power.
  367. Involve in-লিপ্ত হওয়া-The boy is involved in the affair.
  368. Irrelevant to-অপ্রাসঙ্গিক-His remark is irrelevant to the subject.
  369. Irrespective of-নির্বিচারে-All are equal irrespective of caste and creed.
  370. Jealous of-ঈর্ষাপরায়ন-He is jealous of my prosperity.
  371. Jeer at-ঠাট্টা করা-We should not jeer at the poor.
  372. Jest at-তামাশা করা-One should not jest at the poor.
  373. Join to/with-সংযোগ করা-The two families were joined with/to each other by marriage.
  374. Judge by-বিচার করা-We should not judge anyone by appearance.
  375. Justification for-সমর্থন-There is no justification for his saying so.
  376. Key to-চাবিকাঠি-Industry is the key to success.
  377. Kind to-দয়ালু-The rich should be kind to the poor.
  378. Lack of-অভাব-He has lack of money.
  379. Lack in-অভাব হওয়া-He lacks in courtesy.
  380. Lame of-খোড়া-The poor man is lame of one leg.
  381. Lament for-অনুতাপ করা-One should not lament for the past.
  382. Laugh at-ঠাট্টা করা-We should not laugh at the poor.
  383. Lavish of-অমিতব্যয়ী-He is lavish of money.
  384. Level with-সমান করা-Distinct between the rich and the poor should be leveled with.
  385. Liable to-দায়ী-Man is liable to error.
  386. Liable for-দায়ী-Jerry was not liable for the breaking of the axe handle.
  387. Likeness to-সাদৃশ্য-He recognized the girl by her likeness to her mother.
  388. Liking for-পছন্দ-I have no liking for him.
  389. Live in-বাস করা-Man lives in society.
  390. Live on-খাইয়া জীবন ধারণ করা-The cow lives on grass.
  391. Long for-প্রত্যাশা করা-Man longs for peace and happiness.
  392. Lost in-নষ্ট হওয়া-The building was lost in a storm.
  393. Marry to-বিয়ে হওয়া-Nurjahan was married to Jahangir.
  394. Meditate on/upon-গভীরভাবে চিন্তা করা-One should not meditate upon the pat actions.
  395. Meet with-সম্মুখীন হওয়া-The boy met with an accident.
  396. Mindful of-মনোযোগী-The student in mindful of his studies.
  397. Mix with-মেশা-He does not mix with other boys.
  398. Merge with-মিলিত হওয়া-They merged with bad boys.
  399. Mourn for-শোক করা-England mourns for the fallen.
  400. Moved by-বিচলিত হওয়া-I was moved by his sense of courtesy.
  401. Muse on-গভীরভাবে চিন্তা করা-He mused on his lot.
  402. Natural to-স্বাভাবিক-Death is natural to all.
  403. Necessity for-অবশ্যকতা-I have no necessity for the book.
  404. Necessary for/ to-দরকারী-Industry is necessary for/to success.
  405. Need of-প্রয়োজন-I am badly in need of a seat in the hostel.
  406. Neglectful of-অমনোযোগী-Students should not be neglectful of their studies.
  407. Negligent in-অমনোযোগী-Students should not be negligent in their duties and responsibilities.
  408. Noted for-খ্যাত-Mohsin was noted for his kindness.
  409. Object to-আপত্তি করা-I objected to his proposal.
  410. Objection to/against-আপত্তি-I have no objection to/ against his proposal.
  411. Oblige to, for-ব্যধিত-I am obliged to you for granting my prayer.
  412. Obligatory on-বাধ্যতামূলক-It is obligatory on sons to look after their old parents.
  413. Oblivious of-বিস্মৃত-Man is oblivious of the past.
  414. Observant of-পর্যবেক্ষক-The teacher is observant of the students feelings.
  415. Obstacle to-বাঁধা-Poverty was obstacle to his success in life.
  416. Occupied with-ব্যস্ত-Mr. Khan is occupied with his books.
  417. Occupied in-ব্যাপৃত-He is occupied in writing a grammar.
  418. Offend against-লংঘন করা-You have offended against college discipline.
  419. Offensive to-পীড়াদায়ক-The smell of this scent is offensive to me.
  420. Open to-উন্মুক্ত-The national zoo is open to all.
  421. Opportunity for-সুযোগ-I have missed an opportunity for going abroad.
  422. Opportunity of-সুবিধা-I have no opportunity of going abroad.
  423. Opposition to-বিরোধিতা-Students raised a strong opposition to the order of the principal.
  424. Originate from-উৎপন্ন হওয়া-All the rivers of Bangladesh originate from the Himalayas.
  425. Originate in/from-শুরু হওয়া-The fire originated in his shop.
  426. Oust from-বহিঃস্কৃত-He was ousted from the college.
  427. Overwhelmed with-অভিভূত-The widow was overwhelmed with grief.
  428. Owe to-ঋণী হওয়া-I owe to my teacher.
  429. Parallel to-সমান্তরাল-This line is parallel to that.
  430. Parody on/of-বিদ্রæপাত্মক নকল-The poem is a parody on a poem of Nazrul.
  431. Part from-কোন ব্যক্তি হতে বিচ্ছিন্ন হওয়া-The writer parted from Jerry.
  432. Part with-কোন বস্তু ত্যাগ করা-I can not part with the pen.
  433. Partial to-পক্ষপাতদুষ্ট-We should not be partial to our relatives.
  434. Partiality for-পক্ষপাতিত্ব-I have no partiality for my relatives.
  435. Passion for-ভাবাবেগ-Sakila has a deep passion for music.
  436. Patience with-ধৈর্য্য-The father lost all his patience with his son.
  437. Play with-হেলা খেলা করা-Don’t play with matches.
  438. Permit of-মঞ্জুর হওয়ার যোগ্য-His conduct permits of no excuse.
  439. Play at-খেলা করা-Students should not play at cards.
  440. Play on-বাজানো-The third girl played on a tune.
  441. Plead for-আবেদন করা-The poor plead for justice but in vain.
  442. Plead against-পক্ষ সমর্থনে বাদানুবাদ-I pleaded against his conduct.
  443. Preside over-সভাপতিত্ব করা-The principal presided over the meeting.
  444. Pretend to-ভান করা-Hamlet pretended to madness.
  445. Pretext for-ছল-His headache is a pretext for his not attending the class.
  446. Prevent from-বিরত করা-My father prevented me from going to cinema.
  447. Previous to-পূর্ব-Previous to that he was a typist.
  448. Prey to-শিকার স্বরূপ-One should not be prey to greed.
  449. Pride in-গর্ব-He takes pride in his wealth.
  450. Proficient in-দক্ষ-Our principal proficient in English.
  451. Profit by-লাভবান হওয়া-Students are profited by their teacher’s instructions.
  452. Profitable to-লাভজনক-The co-operative shop was profitable to the students.
  453. Prohibit from-বিরত থাকা-I prohibited him from going to cinema.
  454. Prompt in-তৎপর-Jerry was prompt in doing his duties.
  455. Proportionate to-সমানুপাতিক-Punishment should be proportionate to crime.
  456. Protect from-রক্ষা করা-There was no cloud to protect the sailors from the burning sun.
  457. Provide against-দুর্দিনের জন্য সঞ্চয় করা-Everyone should provide something against rainy days.
  458. Provide with-দেয়া-He provided me with a loading.
  459. Plunged in-নিমজ্জিত-He is plunged in deep study.
  460. Ponder over-গভীরভাবে চিন্তা করা-The boy is pondering over the mistakes.
  461. Popular with, for-জনপ্রিয়-The principal is popular with pupils for his politeness.
  462. Possessed of-অধিকারী-Muhsin was possessed of vast wealth.
  463. Precaution against-সর্তকতা-We should take precaution against disesse.
  464. Prefer to-পছন্দ করা-He prefers reading to writing.
  465. Preferable to-পছন্দনীয়-Milk is preferable to tea.
  466. Prejudice to-ক্ষতিকারক-Smoking is prejudice to health.
  467. Prepare for-প্রস্তুতি লওয়া-Boby is preparing for the examination.
  468. Qualified for-উপযুক্ত-He is qualified for the post.
  469. Quarrel with-কাহারও সাথে ঝগড়া করা-We should not quarrel with one another.
  470. Quarrel about-কোন বিষয়ে কলহ-The two brothers quarreled with each other about a piece of land.
  471. Quick at-চটপটে-Jerry was quick at his works.
  472. Relevant to-প্রাসঙ্গিক-His remark was not relevant to the point.
  473. Relived of-মুক্ত হওয়া-The servant was relived of his works.
  474. Rely on-নির্ভর করা-The authoress relied on Jerry.
  475. Remarkable for-বিখ্যাত-Khan Jahan Ali is remarkable for his social works.
  476. Remedy for-প্রতিকার-There is no remedy for cancer.
  477. Remind of-মনে করিয়ে দেয়া-I reminded him of the accident.
  478. Repent of-অনুতাপ করা-The old sailor repented of his sin.
  479. Repentance for-অনুতাপ-The old man felt repentance for his sin.
  480. Replaced by-স্থানান্তরিত করা-The bench was replaced by a new one.
  481. Requisite for-প্রয়োজনীয় জিনিস-A Haji has to take many requisites for pilgrimage.
  482. Resort to-গ্রহন করা-The authority resorted to force to put down anarchy.
  483. Respect for-ভক্তি-Students should have respect for their teachers.
  484. Respond to-জবাব দেয়া-God cannot but respond to the call of a man.
  485. Responsible to-দায়ী-We are responsible to Allah.
  486. Result in-ফলে পর্যবসিত হওয়া-Vice results in misery.
  487. Restrict to-সীমাবদ্ধ-Admission to New Govt. Degree College is restricted to the golden A+ students only
  488. Result of-ফল-The result of dishonesty is terrible.
  489. Result from-উদ্ভুত হওয়া-Misery result from vice.
  490. Retire from-অবসর গ্রহন করা-The principal retired from vice.
  491. Retire to-বিশ্রাম-He has retired to bed.
  492. Revenge upon-প্রতিশোধ গ্রহণ করা-Immortal gods revenged upon the lady.
  493. Rich in-সমৃদ্ধ-Bangladesh is rich in natural gas.
  494. Rob of-চুরি করা-The servant robbed me of everything.
  495. Ready at-দক্ষ-He is ready at passing running comment.
  496. Ready for-উপযুক্ত-They are ready to do anything for the country.
  497. Reason with-তর্ক করা-Students should not reason with the teachers.
  498. Rebel against-বিদ্রোহ করা-The works rebelled against the mill owner.
  499. Reconciled with-মীমাংসা করা-Sumon has reconciled with his wife.
  500. Reconciled to-গ্রহন করা-Sumon has become reconciled to his lot.
  501. Recover from-আরোগ্য লাভ করা-The patient has recovered from his illness.
  502. Reduced to-পরিণত হওয়া-The old man has been reduced to poor.
  503. Refer to-ইঙ্গিত করা-The case was referred to police for inquiry.
  504. Reflect upon-চিন্তা করা-Sumon reflected upon his past life.
  505. Refrain from-বিরত থাকা-Father refrained me from going to cinema.
  506. Regard for-ভক্তি-Students should have regard for their teachers.
  507. Regard to-প্রসঙ্গ-In regard to his character I know nothing.
  508. Sanguine of-আশাবাদী-I am sanguine of my success.
  509. Satisfied with-সন্তুষ্ট-Man should be satisfied with what he has.
  510. Satisfied of-নিঃসন্দেহে-The authoress was satisfied of Jerry’s honesty.
  511. Satisfaction in-সন্তোষ-The officer feels satisfaction in his conduct.
  512. Search for-অনুসন্ধান করা-The police searched for the criminal.
  513. Secure form-নিরাপদ-The village is secured from the attacks of wild animals.
  514. Seek for-খোঁজ করা-Man seeks for bread.
  515. Sensible of-অবগত-The politician is sensible of the danger ahead.
  516. Sensitive to-সংবেদনশীল-Jerry was sensitive to motherly love and sympathy.
  517. Short of-অভাবগ্রস্থ-The college is short of funds.
  518. Sick of-ক্লান্ত-Ulysses was sick of idle life.
  519. Side with-পক্ষ গ্রহণ করা-I side with him.
  520. Similar to-সমান-Ignorance is similar to darkness.
  521. Sin against-পাপ করা-The old sailor sinned against god.
  522. Slave to-দাস-Man should not be slave to his passion.
  523. Smile upon-প্রসন্ন হওয়া-Fortune smiles upon the brave.
  524. Smile at-বিদ্রæপ করা-The rich should not smile at the poor.
  525. Sneer at-নাক সিটকান-Man should not sneer at anybody.
  526. Solicit for-আবেদন করা-The flood affected people solicited the Government for help.
  527. Sorry for-দুঃখিত-I am sorry for my rude behavior.
  528. Stare at-এক দৃষ্টে চাওয়া-Jim started at Della.
  529. Startle at-আশ্চর্যান্বিত-The writer was startled at the bill of fare.
  530. Stick to-লেগে থাকা-I shall stick to my principal.
  531. Subject to-নির্ভরশীল-The poor are subject to hardship
  532. Submit to-নতিস্বীকার করা-Man must submit to his fate.
  533. Subordinate to-অধীনে-The teaching staff is subordinate to the Principal
  534. Subscribe to-চাঁদা দেওয়া-We must subscribe to the poor fund.
  535. Subversive of-ধ্বংসকারী-He did not take part in any activity subversive of the state.
  536. Succeed in-সাফল্যকারী-He succeed in his mission.
  537. Succeed to-উত্তরাধীকারী হওয়া-Generally sons and daughters succeed to their parents Property.
  538. Sufficient for-যথেষ্ট-The saving of Della was not sufficient for her purpose.
  539. Suffer from-সহ্য করা-The poor suffer from many troubles.
  540. Suitable for-উপযুক্ত-He is suitable for the post.
  541. Suited to-পরিপূরক-His comment was suited to the occasion.
  542. Supply with-কোন কিছু সরবরাহ করা-The Lilliputians supplied Gulliver with meat.
  543. Supply to-কাউকে কোন কিছু সরবরাহ করা-The Lilliputians supplied meat to Gulliver.
  544. Sure of-নিশ্চিত-I am sure of my success.
  545. Susceptible of-গ্রহণক্ষম-The poem is susceptible of secondary meaning.
  546. Suspicious of-সন্দেহ প্রবন-The police is suspicious of his movement.
  547. Sympathy for-সহানুভূতি-The rich should have sympathy for the poor.
  548. Sympathize with-কাহারো প্রতি সহানুভূতি দেখান-The authoress sympathize with Jerry.
  549. Synonym for-সামর্থবোধক-He gave a synonym for the hard word.
  550. Talk to, about or over-আলাপ আলোচনা করা-The authoress did not talk to Miss Clark about Jerry’s mother.
  551. Taste of-স্বাদ-I have had taste of bitter experience of life.
  552. Taste for-পছন্দ-I have no taste for music.
  553. Thankful to-কৃতজ্ঞ-We should be thankful to God
  554. Thirst for-বাসনা-Man has unquenchable thirst for knowledge.
  555. Tired with-ক্লান্ত-I am tired with hard work.
  556. Tired of-বিরক্ত-I am tired of his flattery.
  557. Tolerant of-সহনশীল-Poets are tolerant of other’s criticism.
  558. Triumph over-জয়লাভ করা-Truth triumphs over falsehood.
  559. Trust in-বিশ্বাস করা-We trust in Allah.
  560. True to-অটল-I am true to my word.
  561. Trust to-নির্ভর করা-I trusted the work to him.
  562. Trust with-বিশ্বাস করা-I trusted him with the money.
  563. Union with-মিলন-Generally husband seeks union with his wife after a pretty quarrel.
  564. Unite with-মিলন করা-Samson did not unite with his wife.
  565. Urge upon-পীড়াপীড়া করা-The people urged upon the politician for donation.
  566. Use of-প্রয়োজন-There is on use of buying the book.
  567. Used to-অভ্যস্ত-Jerry used to work hard.
  568. Useful to-প্রয়োজনীয়-Trees are useful to us in many ways.
  569. Vain of-গর্বিত-The lady is vain of her dress.
  570. Use to-অভ্যস্ত-Jerry was used to hard work.
  571. Urge upon-পীড়াপীড়ি করা-The people urged upon the politician for donation.
  572. Use for-প্রয়োজন-I have no use for the book.
  573. Use of-প্রয়োজন-There is on use of buying the book.
  574. Useful to-প্রয়োজনীয়-Trees are useful to us in many ways.
  575. Vary from-পৃৃথক করা-Opinion varied from man to man.
  576. Versed in-দক্ষ-Sher-E-Bangla was versed in politics.
  577. Vest in-অর্পিত-The power has been vested in politics.
  578. Vest with-ন্যাস্ত-The minister has been vested with power.
  579. Vexed with-বিরক্ত-Tareq was vexed with the rude behavior of other students.
  580. Victim to-স্বীকার-Bangladesh falls a victim to flood every year.
  581. Visit to-পরিদর্শন-The Inspector went on a visit to the college.
  582. Void of-বিপরীত-His words are void of meaning.
  583. Vote for-ভোট দেওয়া-He voted for me.
  584. Wait for-অপেক্ষা করা-They waited for us at the station
  585. Want of-অভাব-I have want of money.
  586. Warn against-কাহারও বিরুদ্ধে সতর্ক করা-The vizier warned the caliph against the drunkards.
  587. Wink at-দেখেও না দেখা-Parents should not wink at their son’s fault
  588. Wish for-বাসনা করা-Man wishes for happiness.
  589. Wonder at-অবাক হওয়া-The porter wondered at the beauty of the girl.
  590. Worthy of-যোগ্য-Jerry was worthy of praise.
  591. Yield to-নতি স্বীকার করা-Man must yield to fate.
  592. Zealous for-উৎসাহী-A slave is always zealous for freedom.
  593. Zest for-অনুরাগ-Nita has zest for music.
  594. Zeal for-উৎসাহী-Begum Rokeya had a great zeal for education.

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