Personalization Meaning & Definition – ব্যক্তিগতকরণ, নিজস্বকরণ.


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Personalization Meaning & Definition

ব্যক্তিগতকরণ, নিজস্বকরণ.


he action of designing or producing something to meet someone’s individual requirements..

Personalization Synonyms:

Apotheosis, archetype, cast, collection, comprehension, conformation, embracement, encompassment.


broad, prevailing, prevalent, widespread common, normal, regular, typical

Personalization in a Sentence:

  • For all this, personalization remains the exception in hard goods.
  • With print, preservation, personalization settings, card management functions.
  • The implementation of personalization and security management is detail introduced in this paper.
  • In the theories of Chinese ancient calligraphy esthetics, there are two basic systems : physiography and personalization.
  • The language is utilizable and the humanities disposition unified curriculum, the initiative teaching personalization, is language education humanity important manifestation.
  • It has an urgency and personalization that commands attention.
  • Rather than hiding their personalization capability under layers of turgid policy – speak , they should flaunt it.
  • Integration of search, community, personalization and content builds the foundation for relevancy in people’s lives.
  • Personalization is a major characteristic of Web intelligent system for the future.
  • The term personalization describes the decoration of persistent objects.