Octosyllabic । Definition & Meaning

Octosyllabic Definition:

consisting of eight syllables


Nearby Words:

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Octosyllabic Meaning in different languages:

Germany : Octosyllabic

Maori : Tuhinga o mua

Russian : восьмисложный

Bangla : অষ্টস্বরবিশিষ্ট

Hindi : अष्टपद      

Arabic : ثماني المقطع

Spanish : Octosílabo

French : Octosyllabique

Italian : ottosillabico

Octosyllabic in a Sentence

  1. By definition, it is a poem with an unlimited number of octosyllabic verses and assonant rhyme in even-numbered verses.
  2. The poem was left unfinished; it is written in octosyllabic couplets, with four accents or beats.
  3. This is also in octosyllabic verses, and is further remarkable for the opulence of its imagery and its variety of description.
  4. His most powerful satirical weapon is his style, the deliberately cumbersome octosyllabic metre and comic rhymes.
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