Backwards Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

पछाडि (adverb)

उल्टो (adjective)

उल्टो तिर (adverb)

पछाडि तिर (adverb)

Part of Speech of Backwards:


Pronunciation of Backwards:


Backwards Synonyms:

1. Reverse – उल्टो (adjective)

2. Retrograde – पछाडि तिर (adverb)

3. Inverse – उल्टो (adjective)

4. Contrary – उल्टो (adjective)

5. Opposite – उल्टो (adjective)

6. Rearward – पछाडि (adverb)

Description and Origination of Backwards:

Backwards is an adverb that describes the direction opposite to the usual or normal way. It originated from the combination of the words “back” and “ward.” It is commonly used to indicate movement or position in the opposite direction or in a reverse manner.


1. Forwards – अगाडि (adverb)

2. Ahead – अगाडि (adverb)

3. Forward – अगाडि (adverb)

4. Onward – अगाडि (adverb)

5. Ahead of – अगाडि (adverb)

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