Backwardness Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: पिछडापन, अप्रगति, अविकासहीनता

Part of Speech:

Backwardness is a noun.



Backwardness Synonyms:

1. Underdevelopment – अविकासितता

2. Retrogression – प्रतिगमन

3. Regressiveness – प्रतिगतिशीलता

4. Stagnation – ठप्पी

5. Decline – पतन

6. Delay – विलम्ब

Description and Origination:

Backwardness refers to the state of being behind in progress or development. It signifies a lack of advancement or growth in various aspects of life, such as education, technology, infrastructure, and social reforms. In the context of Nepal, backwardness can be observed in certain regions where there is limited access to basic amenities, inadequate educational facilities, and insufficient economic opportunities. The term originated from the concept of comparing the progress of a society or community with others and identifying the gap or lag in development. Overcoming backwardness requires focused efforts towards inclusive growth, equitable distribution of resources, and empowering marginalized communities.


1. Progress – प्रगति

2. Advancement – अग्रसरता

3. Development – विकास

4. Improvement – सुधार

5. Modernization – आधुनिकीकरण

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