Backward Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

पछाडी (noun), पछाडीमा (adverb), पछाडीको (adjective)

Part of Speech:




Backward Synonyms:

1. Retrograde – पछाडीको (adjective)

2. Regressive – पछाडीको (adjective)

3. Behind – पछाडी (adverb)

4. Reversed – पछाडीको (adjective)

5. Declining – पछाडी (adverb)

6. Underdeveloped – पछाडीको (adjective)

Description and Origination of Backward:

Backward, in Nepali, means पछाडी and is used as a noun, adverb, and adjective. It refers to something situated or moving in the opposite direction of normal or expected. The term originated from the Old English word “bæcweard,” where “bæc” means “back” and “weard” means “toward.” It can be used to describe a person, society, or country that is less advanced or progressive compared to others. In the context of development, it signifies a lack of progress or growth. Antonyms of backward include advanced, progressive, and developed.


1. Advanced – अग्रगामी (adjective)

2. Progressive – प्रगतिशील (adjective)

3. Developed – विकसित (adjective)

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