backward class

Backward Class Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

पिछडा वर्ग, उपेक्षित वर्ग, अप्रगति वर्ग

Nearby Words:

  • Backward (adjective) – पछाडि, पिछाडी, पिछाडिएको
  • Class (noun) – वर्ग, कक्षा, श्रेणी

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: (bak-werd klas)

Backward Class Synonyms:

  1. Underprivileged (अप्राप्य)
  2. Disadvantaged (असुविधाजन्य)
  3. Deprived (वंचित)
  4. Marginalized (परित्यक्त)
  5. Oppressed (दमनित)
  6. Subjugated (निर्बलीकृत)

Description and Origination of Backward Class:

The term “backward class” refers to a social group or community that is considered to be economically and socially disadvantaged. In Nepal, backward classes are those who have historically faced discrimination and have been marginalized in terms of access to resources, opportunities, and social status. These communities often struggle with poverty, lack of education, and limited representation in decision-making processes. The concept of backward classes originated from the need to address social inequality and uplift the marginalized sections of society. It aims to provide affirmative action and support to these communities to ensure their inclusion and development.


  • Privileged (सुविधाजन्य)
  • Advantaged (सुविधाजन्य)
  • Progressive (प्रगतिशील)
  • Empowered (सशक्त)
  • Uplifted (उन्नत)

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