backtoback Meaning in Nepali

Nepali meanings of backtoback: पछाडि पछाडि, एक पछाडि अर्को, एक पछाडि अर्कोमा, एक पछाडि अर्कोको, एक पछाडि अर्कोका साथ, एक पछाडि अर्कोका बाटोमा

Nearby words:

1. Back: (noun) पछाडि, (verb) पछाडि जानु

2. To: (preposition) लाई, (adverb) तिर

3. Backward: (adjective) पछाडि, (adverb) पछाडि

4. Backache: (noun) पिठ दुख्ने रोग

5. Backfire: (verb) पछाडि फर्कनु

Part of speech of backtoback:

Backtoback is an adjective.

Pronunciation of backtoback:

(bæk tə bæk)

Backtoback synonyms:

1. Consecutive – अनुक्रमिक

2. Sequential – अनुक्रमिक

3. Successive – अनुक्रमिक

4. Continuous – लगातार

5. Uninterrupted – अविरामी

6. Serial – अनुक्रमिक

Description and Origination of backtoback:

Backtoback refers to something that occurs immediately one after another, without any gap or interruption. It originated from the phrase “back to back,” which means having one’s back facing another person’s back. In a figurative sense, it signifies a continuous or uninterrupted sequence of events or actions.


1. Separated – अलग

2. Disconnected – असंयोजित

3. Intermittent – अनियमित

4. Sporadic – छिटोछिटो

5. Discontinuous – अनवरोधित

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