backsword Meaning in Nepali

Nepali meanings of backsword: ब्याक्सवर्ड, खड्ग, तलवार, खुकुरी

Nearby words:

  • Noun: खड्ग (khadga), तलवार (talwar), खुकुरी (khukuri)
  • Verb: चलाउनु (chalaunu), लडाउनु (ladaunu)
  • Adjective: खड्गी (khadgi), तलवारी (talwari), खुकुरी (khukuri)

backsword is a noun.

Pronunciation: (bak-sawrd)

backsword synonyms: saber, cutlass, scimitar, falchion, broadsword

backsword synonyms in Nepali: सेबर, कटलस, सिमितर, फाल्चियन, ब्रॉडस्वर्ड

Description and Origination:

A backsword is a type of sword characterized by a single-edged blade and a hilt with a single-handed grip. It originated in Europe during the medieval period and was commonly used by knights and soldiers. The term “backsword” refers to the sword’s design, where the back of the blade is unsharpened, while the cutting edge is on the front. This design allowed for more control and precision in combat. Backswords were often used in close-quarters combat and were known for their versatility and effectiveness.

Antonyms: rapier, foil, epee, épée

Antonyms in Nepali: रेपियर, फोइल, एपी, एपे

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