Backstroke Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: पछाडी तान्नु, पछाडी तान्ने खेल, पछाडी तान्ने ढंग

Nearby Words:

Noun: back, backache, backbiting, backbone, backdoor

Verb: backfire, backhand, background, backpedal, backslide

Part of Speech:




Backstroke Synonyms:

1. Reverse swimming (उल्टो स्विमिङ)

2. Retrograde swimming (पूर्वगामी स्विमिङ)

3. Inverted swimming (उल्टो स्विमिङ)

4. Back crawl (पछाडी तान्नु)

5. Reverse crawl (पछाडी तान्नु)

6. Back paddle (पछाडी तान्नु)

Description and Origination of Backstroke:

Backstroke is a swimming stroke performed on the back, hence the name. It is one of the four competitive swimming strokes and is often used in recreational swimming as well. The swimmer lies on their back and moves their arms and legs in a coordinated manner to propel themselves through the water. The backstroke originated in ancient times and has been a part of competitive swimming since the early 20th century.


1. Breaststroke (छाती तान्नु)

2. Butterfly stroke (पतंग तान्नु)

3. Freestyle (स्वतंत्र तान्नु)

4. Sidestroke (पार्श्व तान्नु)

5. Dog paddle (कुकुर तान्नु)

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