Backstairs Meaning in Nepali

Backstairs: अनदरको चरणचाल

Nepali Meanings of Backstairs:

Noun: अनदरको चरणचाल

Adjective: गुप्त, अनदरको

Part of Speech:

Noun, Adjective



Backstairs Synonyms:

1. Secretive – गोप्य

2. Covert – गोप्य

3. Sneaky – चुलबुला

4. Stealthy – गोप्य

5. Furtive – गोप्य

6. Clandestine – गोप्य

Description and Origination of Backstairs:

Backstairs refers to something that is done secretly or in a hidden manner. It can be used as both a noun and an adjective. The term originated from the idea of using the back stairs of a building to avoid being seen or noticed. In a figurative sense, it implies actions or activities that are concealed or kept hidden from public view.


1. Open – खुला

2. Transparent – पारदर्शी

3. Honest – ईमानदार

4. Aboveboard – स्पष्ट

5. Overt – प्रत्यक्ष

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