Backstage Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: पछाडीको अर्थ, पछाडीको अर्थमा केही नेपाली अर्थहरू

पछाडीको अर्थ, पछाडीको अर्थमा केही नेपाली अर्थहरू

Nearby Words

Noun: पछाडी, अन्तराल, अग्रभूमि, अग्रभूमि, अग्रभूमि

Adjective: पछाडीको, अन्तराली, अग्रभूमिका, अग्रभूमिका, अग्रभूमिका

Part of Speech of Backstage


Pronunciation of Backstage


Backstage Synonyms

1. Behind the scenes – पछाडीको दृश्यहरूमा

2. Offstage – पछाडीको दृश्यहरूमा

3. Behind the curtain – पछाडीको पर्दामा

4. In the wings – पछाडीको पर्दामा

5. Privately – निजी रूपमा

Description and Origination of Backstage

Backstage refers to the area behind the main stage where performers, crew members, and production staff prepare and organize for a performance. It is a crucial space where costumes, props, and technical equipment are stored. Backstage is an essential part of any theatrical production, ensuring smooth transitions and efficient coordination. The term “backstage” originated from the theater industry, where it has been used for centuries to describe the behind-the-scenes area. It has now become a widely recognized term in various fields, including music concerts, television shows, and events.


1. Frontstage – सामुदायिक दृश्यहरूमा

2. Onstage – सामुदायिक दृश्यहरूमा

3. Visible – दृश्यमान

4. Publicly – सार्वजनिक रूपमा

5. Openly – खुल्लामा

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