backs Meaning in Nepali

backs को नेपाली अर्थहरू:

1. पछाडि (adverb)

2. पछाडि (noun)

3. पछाडि (verb)

4. पछाडि (adjective)

Part of Speech of backs: adverb, noun, verb, adjective

Pronunciation of backs: (baks)

backs Synonyms:

1. Rear – पछाडि

2. Behind – पछाडि

3. Support – समर्थन

4. Uphold – समर्थन गर्नु

5. Assist – सहयोग गर्नु

6. Defend – बचाउनु

Description and Origination of backs:

backs is a versatile word that can be used as an adverb, noun, verb, or adjective in the English language. It is commonly used to refer to the posterior side of something or someone. The word originated from Middle English and has been in use since the 14th century. It is derived from the Old English word “bæc” which means “back, reverse, or behind.”

backs Antonyms:

1. Front – सामु

2. Face – अन्तर्दृष्टि

3. Lead – अगुवा

4. Guide – मार्गदर्शन गर्नु

5. Direct – सिधैं

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