Backlogs Meaning in Nepali

Meanings: बाँकी, बाँकी रहेको, बाँकी रहेको काम, बाँकी रहेको लेखाजोखा

Nearby Words:

Noun: बाँकी, बाँकी रहेको, बाँकी रहेको काम, बाँकी रहेको लेखाजोखा

Verb: बाँकी हुनु, बाँकी रहनु

Adjective: बाँकी, बाँकी रहेको

Part of Speech:





1. Arrears – बाँकी, बाँकी रहेको

2. Overdue – बाँकी, बाँकी रहेको

3. Pending – बाँकी, बाँकी रहेको

4. Unfinished – बाँकी, बाँकी रहेको

5. Accumulation – बाँकी, बाँकी रहेको

Description and Origination:

Backlogs refer to the accumulation of unfinished work or pending tasks. It is a noun that signifies the remaining or unfinished work that needs to be completed. The term originated from the practice of logging tasks or work that were not completed within a specific timeframe. Backlogs can occur in various contexts, such as academic assignments, professional projects, or administrative tasks. They can cause delays and hinder progress if not managed effectively. It is essential to prioritize and address backlogs to ensure smooth workflow and timely completion of tasks.


1. Completion – पूर्णता, समाप्ति

2. Fulfillment – पूर्णता, समाप्ति

3. Accomplishment – पूर्णता, समाप्ति

4. Success – सफलता, यश

5. Achievement – सफलता, यश

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